September 5th, 2014


Thursday in the rear view mirror

Dreary morning, overcast, looked like it might rain but it was only Onshore Flo. Got up to the mid-80s later.

Work was mostly follow-up stuff, I think I broke my new machine testing to see if something would make one port go dead.

Lunch was at IHOP, the usual yummy food but glacial service. All I ordered was pancakes and bacon and she forgot the bacon. When she finally brought it, it was one piece short.

Straight home after work to watch the Seahawks game. I had it on Tivo, so I could watch it delayed, and double-FF through the commercials, FF through a lot of the game because hat mutes the commentators. I miss John Madden - he stuck to football-related anecdotes. I don't really need to know that player x has a cousin whose wife's lover was arrested for having sex with a sock puppet. Or that in high school player z won a pie-eating contest.

But when they are playing at home, muting loses that great crowd noise.

It was a much closer game than the 36-16 score suggests. Most of the major penalties went against Green Bay, and for once that was not the result of bad officiating. Aaron Rodgers played well, and almost broke it open several times. It took the Seahawks defense way too long to get a handle on the running game. As for passing, they never threw in the direction of Sherman, but his counterpart on the other side made some great plays, including a Shermanesque interception. Going the other way, Clay Matthews was his usual one man Packer defense for the first half, but finally was shut down in the third quarter.

Game over, on my to-do list from Tuesday's songwriter's meetup was dig out my loose leaf binder of songs, and find For Sylvia which I remember as my one serious song, and also my one song in 7ths and 9ths. The lyrics are disgustingly moon-june, but the melody is effective and needs a singer with more range than myself. Anyhow, found it, but not until after discovering that a lot of my songs were written when I was in the Peace Corps, and there are a lot more than just the one serious song. Lots of ose, and more ose. Some are simple, but some actually have a bridge.

Next project was for TBT, I wanted to make a clip of a 10-second scene which I played a long time ago and a friend is playing next week. Corel Video Studio has a major bug, it took hours to make that clip from the 2-hour MPEG file, and gave me wildly huge estimates of the size of the resulting file. 1.3 TB? After cranking for way too long it was only 300MB.

I posted instead what I had on my web site, which is pretty crappy. Will have to do some web searches on Corel to see how to fix that.

Plans for Friday:
Something after work?