September 6th, 2014


Fried Day

Pretty boring work day, about all I managed to do that was productive was re-seat the main board in my test unit, which fixed intermittent network connections, and write my weekly report.

Oh, and I uploaded a file which supported another team member's bug report.

Joined the gang and walked to the new sandwich place two campuses down the street. After all the walking I did in Europe I was surprised how difficult it was to walk 4 blocks, though a lot of it was the other guys walk a lot faster than me. Got there and was feeling faint and flushed for about 10 minutes. Not so bad on the way back, but still out of breath. They made good sandwiches, but the line was slow moving and they made them out of order, so I didn't get mine till 2nd to last, and most of the guys had already finished half of theirs. Some serious eye candy came through for take-out. I'll probably go again, but later, and in my car.

Costco after work, disappointed because three staples of my work snacks have been dropped: Ritz crackers, payday candy bars and dark chocolate coated macadamias. Also, their bag of limes are now small ones at twice the price. Pistachios have gone up by almost $1 a pound too. Lactose free milk is up to the same price as Safeway's club card price.

Caught up on TMZ. They loved Joan Rivers because she would always stop and talk to them at length, which most A-list talent won't. I personally never liked her. Most of her humor was based on insults, her voice drove me up a wall and her vocabulary was crude. And then there was the face lift of the month club. But I'm sad for her daughter, because she was a great foil for her mom. Hunting for other children, instead I found an older sister who died last year, and sounds like she was brilliant. Obit here

The world of comedy just got a little bit quieter and more polite.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe this will be the day I clean up the sloppy paint job I did in the livingroom to cover the previous owner's Jesus caligraphy.
Maybe this will be the day I trim the two bushes on the north side of the house so they don't choke the neighbor's daisies
Coffee with Janice at 5
Mountain View Fart & Whine fest?