September 13th, 2014


Another boring day in para dice

Kind of a crap shoot today. Got to work much later than I had planned on, chalk it up to a very comfortable bed and too late a bedtime. I managed to get a donut anyway, just not one of my favorites.

My new machine was stable again, after a lot of linux magic. It turns out that a log file I was messing with can lock up the machine if it is too long. Or has a formatting issue.

Once again my weekly report, as sparse as it was, took the largest chunk of my time in the afternoon.

Straight home after work because I needed a nap. Only got about half an hour because I wanted to be out on the front porch at sunset to watch the hummingbirds, except tonight there was only one. But it was also a good time to water the two little gardens. The rose garden is flowering like crazy, which feels great after all the work I put into it. One bush looks like it is dead, I'll probably replace it Sunday and while I'm at it put in one more catmints or sage plant next to it. Master Gardener was right, those little ground-hugging spice plants keep the ground cool around the base of the roses, so they no longer fry in the sun. I don't have to water very much, they hold it in the soil wonderfully. One rose bush added two feet of height in the last week.

On the other side, the strip garden sprouted some mushrooms, I blame the creeping thyme flat for that, it probably was carrying spores. Pulled about a dozen out, they are probably not edible. The rosemary flat is growing, I just need it to put tendrils outside the container. Sedum looks sparse but healthy. Mint is starting to dry out a bit, it's grown taller but has not spread.

Indoors, the Thai lime tree has two small limes growing, but the plant is dropping leaves and not flourishing. :-(

I am also trying to get a few stalks of lemongrass to sprout roots so I can transplant them and maybe get the buds which also are good for cooking.

Not many clouds this evening, but the ones that we had were brilliant colors, thanks to the forest fires in Yosemite.

Caught up on TMZ, and Virgin Territory.  The latter has dumped all the Jesus virgins, and now has a cast of four people who are virgins because they are shy, or in the closet, or just have bad timing. There is a large black woman who does not ring my chimes at all, but she has found a guy she is all googly-eyed about, and he actually likes her. You can see they are going to be a fine couple. And then there is the very attractive Hispanic woman who has not idea how pretty she is, or how much her crush needs her to stop being a virgin and start being a grown up. He's playing her, but I think she needs to be played, so she can move on to someone whose ego doesn't require a whole planet to contain it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Party at Boss' house, featuring his Thai wife's amazing cooking
Gypsy at Sunnyvale Players. Very low expectations because when I worked with that director she was disorganized and psycho, and many of the children from my last show are in this. But I'm ready to be impressed.