September 16th, 2014


Meat And Greet

Got out of the house almost on time, and to work just after 9. The engineer I'd been working with on this one bug nailed it, and passed it to the people who will insert his code into the start-up routine. So then I officially had nothing to do. Did some ad hoc testing. Boss sent around a spreadsheet with all the requirements which have been dropped, but I had already know about the ones which concerned my test cases, but it was good to revisit those and make sure they were marked accordingly.

Lunch was at China China buffet, famous for lame sushi, sometimes good Korean beef, and no eye candy.

After work I slogged through really bad traffic to get to a meet and greet at a photo studio which is the new home of a pair of groups which merged. My two favorite photographers, both of whom have been having a very busy year, will be taking turns hosting shoots. Only one of them showed up, but he's the one whom I haven't seen in the longest time. I did not recognize him. I am not good at remembering people, but I could have sworn that he used to be a short chubby guy with a round face. I guess not. He's taller than me, slight middle age paunch but not chubby, his face is kind of thin. Only three other photogs made it, I had shot many times with one, a couple of times with another, and probably not at all with the third. The model and makeup artist who said they might be there weren't. But it was all good, organizer showed us the archive site he is building, and when I mentioned I loved the fashions which the other organizer had been posting on his FB pages, he opened up the studio and showed us two racks of them. All in plastic garment bags, but enough to get the idea they were even more beautiful in person.

There were lots of munchies, including sliced salami.

Home, heated up a small frozen dinner, had some ice cream, caught up on TMZ.

Plans for tomorrow: