September 17th, 2014



Some stuff on my mind, mostly unrelated.

Even if I liked U2's noises, which I don't, I would be pissed, which I am, at them being shoved into my iTunes library unannounced.
They have been flooding TV, especially the sports channels, with the "Free U2 Album" ad. The ad is obnoxious, the audio is high in white noise, the images are all monochrome silhouettes of the band members, mostly purple, mostly one at a time, completely tasteless. The final image is a postage stamp (maybe it's supposed to seem like we're viewing it on an iPhone) of a guitarist smashing his instrument to bits. So much for the message that music is an act of Creation. It jogs my memory of the intro to Meatloaf's Wasted Youth:

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And the more I see of their CEO, the less I want to see. He has no charisma, inspires no confidence. They need a Balmer. A front man. Someone to be the face of a strong, confident Apple.

Due process.

The high-pitched, high-volume screaming all of a sudden by people who do not have all the facts is disturbing.

More disturbing is the clamor to take away a person's livelihood the instant someone screams "abuse!"

Let me tell you a story:
The son of a woman I had been dating decided I had hurt his mother by breaking off the relationship. He called my local police department and accused me of molesting children. Anonymous tip line. Two very large police detectives knocked on my door, and asked to search the apartment. I had nothing to hide, so I said yes. One of them interrogated me in the livingroom while the other searched my bedroom, and claimed to be looking at stuff on my computer (he was lying, but it was scary). The one interrogating me was sure I was guilty. After all, there were lots of kids living in the apartment building. They found nothing, and they left. A few days later I received a note saying they identified the tipster as the son of my ex, and she had denied his allegations. No apology.

Today, on the basis of that tip, they would probably have arrested me, I would have lost my job and would have trouble finding another.  Like those NFL players.