September 19th, 2014


YOTB Night

Did some work at work. Pizza buffet for lunch but Round Table shut it down at 1:45 (supposed to last till 3) and there was not a lot there.

Home after work, because it's just as easy to get to rehearsals from the house at 7 as it is from work at 6-something. Somewhat difficult music this time, tricky fast stuff way up high for the most part. When we did have whole notes the baritone section sounded gorgeous. Intonation was perfect. But most of the time I was struggling to read ahead.

Home, made scrambled eggs for dinner. Finished off the cherry chocolate chunk ice cream. Hung up a load of laundry, left another one for tomorrow.

Scotland voted to stay part of the UK. Boo. Hiss. It was close, though.
Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe hang out at a late-closing Starbucks
There are three shows I could see, but one is $45, which is insane for community theater, one is a musical making fun of trailer trash, not thanks. And the third is a 3-person revue with one man I enjoyed working with in the past, one woman I could not stand, and one woman who is not easy on the eyes. Actually both women are not easy on the eyes.