September 27th, 2014


Turn Out The Lights

My lights went off ab out 8 minutes ago. I have them programmed to go out at 1:30 am to remind me I should be in bed. But I have no plans for tomorrow, so I'll stay up long enough to journalize.

Slept well again, but not as well as the last 2 nites. Up at 6:30. Read in bed till 9. Sully me, I wanted to be early to work while there were still bagels left. Got there barely before 10, and it was Krispy Kreme, not bagels, and there were some left, not that I would have missed them. There is no substance to that brand's donuts, it's like sugared air. The filled one I chose wasn't filled with custard as God intended, but with grainy sugary faux whipped cream. Whipped sugar. Gak.

There was a new build for the new product, and I found a couple of bugs but also closed a couple and passed a couple of test cases. And then they retracted it, possibly because of one of the bugs I filed, but probably not.

But at least I had something for my weekly report.

After work I spent about an hour at the nearest *$s, there was almost enough eye candy to make it worthwhile. While there I found some info on how to get rid of the obnoxious and way too loud AT&T boot-up sound on my phone.

Home, a quick stop at F&E for ground turkey, intending to make sloppy joes for dinner. Got home, was not hungry.

Decided to follow up on that research, which required getting root access to the phone, renaming a file. That was a longer process than it sounds, but less work than I thought it would be because the apps I needed were in the Google store, and mostly free.

Once rid of the sound, I wanted to change the logo from the death star. Found a couple of cute Android morion graphics and figured out how to get them into the right directory and give the right permissions.

Dinner was just some soft cheese and hard crackers, and lime soda.  Watched two TMZs and a South Park.

After dinner tweaked the logos on the phone (I'd named them backward - it's a 2-file suite).

In the mail was the expected extra property tax bill, but also an unexpected second bill which I was told was supposed to go to my escrow. First one is due in December, second one not till next April. Plenty of time to figure that out. Together they equal a month's park rent.

Plans for tomorrow:
Target, exchange Sodastream cartridges.
Maybe plant the three lemongrass stalks which have been growing roots in a jar of water on the kitchen table. That may require a trip to a nursery for dirt.
Maybe pull out the sage which is dying and replace it with catmints. Which also needs a trip to a nursery, probably summer winds because Lowe's doesn't carry them.
Refill the bird feeders
Totally ignore Convolution. One reason I had nothing booked for tomorrow is I was hoping to go to the con, but they have not been forthcoming with the day rate, and it took way too long for them to publish their program.

Weak End

Stayed up way late, stayed in bed till maybe 10:30. Spent some time on the front steps admiring all the roses.

The hummers have not been drinking much out of either feeder, there seems to be a pair either at war or courting, because as soon as one hovers near a feeder the other sips in and chases the first one away. They move fast! The seed feeder has been attracting a lot of birds, mostly smaller ones, but a there were a couple of junkos and there is a small flock of mourning doves which park themselves between the hedges and the house, where a lot of the seeds (especially corn kernels) falls. I need to take the shop vac out there and clean that up a bit.

Took the rent check to the park office, then went to Target and exchanged to empty SodaStream cartridge for a full one, and also got some eye drops and some sodastream diet cola syrup.

Next stop, SummerWinds nursery. It's closed. Completely bare. How did they do that so fast? A sign suggesting the one near where I work, about 3 miles away. Went there, and though the place is maybe 3x larger than the other one, and brand new, it did not have catmints. I was also looking for a medium size bag of some kind of soil rich in nitrogen, but all they had were big bags of manure, way more than I needed, or a small box of bat guano for $9 - smaller than I need and a rip-off price. It wasn't a total bust, though, because as I was ISO catmints, a hummingbird came up to inspect my colorful Hawaiian shirt, decided it was harmless and not food, and fed off of about a dozen salvia plants a couple of feet in front of me for maybe 5 minutes.

Home, decided I really didn't need any garden stuff today.

Watched a very sloppy Stanford-UW game on Tivo, and then last week's Doctor Who (Time Heist). Finally they have graduated to writing for adults. The tech is still not up to modern seasons 1-3, and there were some cheesy slo-mo clips which I suspect were meant to parody the Oceans series (but I'm not sure because I have not seen/am not interested in bank heist movies). They continue to stress Clara's role as a sex object, with a touch of pedophilia, putting her in some very schoolgirl-like outfits. Very odd for someone who is supposedly a teacher. The plot had some decent twists and misdirection, and also some blatant telegraphing. So far, the best of the Capaldi series. I have one more on Tivo to watch, maybe tomorrow but probably not because of the after-concert potluck.

Got my band uniform out of the closet for the first time in 2 months (missed last month's concert because I was still lagged from my London trip).

Dinner was early, I made faux sloppy joes from ground turkey and that sauce I'd bought, poured over a pair of split Thomas' English Muffins, which turned out to taste horrible for that. The meat sauce was fine, Domino kept begging for some but when I gave her the plate to lick she didn't like it. She did like licking the bowl after I'd had some cherry chunk ice cream. She doesn't like chocolate, but she loves the cherry flavored stuff.

In other Domino news, it is getting harder and harder for her to stay steady on her hind legs. Sometimes falling off what she's perched on, and not able to recover with front paws. Arthritis, I'm sure. And I had to clip a couple of new mats out today. Her fur hasn't really recovered from the hatchet job of a few months ago.

Janice had given me a combination of photos and videos from a farm stay she and a bunch of friends and their children went on last month, to make a DVD out of. I put one together, but misunderstood the "fill audio to the end" function. The content only takes up about 10 minutes, but the DVD audio filled the whole hour. Tried again, got the audio right, but noticed the photos were not in order. On a closer look, there were three issues:
1. They were taken with two different cameras, so they were named/numbered differently
2. The dates on the two cameras seem to be set differently
3. The " date taken" does not seem to be exportable to a file, and the "date modified" and "date created" did not match the date taken.

So I need to start all over again, and instead of bulk copying everything to the timeline, I need to do them by hand, or maybe rename them all by hand so they are numbered in order. Either way, a lot of work. Janice said she had put them in order, but she had only done the ones on her camera, not the other ones. And she is out of town for 2 weeks. Sigh.

After sunset, I planted the three lemongrass stalks in the front by the hedges. They had been in a jar of water for 2 weeks, and had a good root system on all three. The place I put them has a pile of topsoil, so they should be able to root there. I may need to add some nitrogen fertilizer, but I'll wait for a while. While I was out there I watered both gardens.

Someone was knocking on one of the front doors at about 9 pm, but I was busy on the computer and I'm not keen on opening the door after dark. Probably my crazy next door neighbor, who also shouldn't be encouraged.

Plans for tomorrow:
Traffic? It is possible that my return from the potluck will coincide with the end of the home 49ers game.
Maybe watch some football on Tivo.