October 1st, 2014


Quickly because I need bed to fight off this cold

Early to work caused two senior moments:
1. Forgot to turn off the PC
2. Forgot to put blue ice in the lunch cooler

9 am at work was a corporate HR presentation on career planning and opportunities. It would have been excellent in a sales office but not so much at our engineering site where the average employee has 10 years at the same job. Technology changes rapidly, new products require experienced hands. After the presentation I told her how much the training web site sucks for technology training, a year after I contacted them about it. She had no good answers.

But I know that if I want to move to another site I can talk to my manager about it. Which is nothing new.

Another meeting after that to go over the Q3 numbers. My product doubled its sales over Q2. Nothing to thank us for that is planned. Marketing is still promising customers the new product long before it will be ready, with features that will not be in it. Gag me.

Did some work. Lunchtime was a trip to the drug store for generic Afrin, because four Dayquil before noon were not dealing with the runny nose.

Last beverage at work was chicken bullion.

Photo shoot about a mile from work, model was billed as having beautiful red hair. Nice gal, but a lousy model. She never stopped moving, never held a pose, and would make sudden changes from standing to lying on the floor or vice versa. Skinny as a rail, but not toned, and the hair was striking until you notice it's out of a bottle and her natural color is black. Hazel eyes, kinda dull. I got some good shots thanks to the lighting. This shoot was several of the usual experienced photogs, the host knows lighting inside and out. It could have been better, but not a FAIL. In future I will be more careful looking at the model's portfolio before signing up.

Monitored the Giants playoff game during, and was surprised they clobbered the Pirates 8-0. Expected them to melt down in the 8th or 9th. On to DC, I guess, for a best of 5. The Nationals deserve to lose simply because their logo looks like the Walgreen's W.

Plans for tomorrow:
TBT if I remember
May sleep in. May call in sick if I'm not feeling better in the morning.