October 2nd, 2014



Emailed in sick this morning at about 8, took my morning meds, took a container of chicken soup out of the freezer and went back to sleep. Till almost 2 pm.

Domino spent almost the whole time either lying next to me or on top of me (she lies down along my thigh).

In the shower discovered the shampoo dispenser (I have a 4-unit wall dispenser) had run out of shampoo and was dispensing conditioner. :-(
Looked in the cabinet, and the four bottles of what I thought was shampoo was all conditioner. :-(

Heated up the soup, watched mindless TV while I ate it, with Domino on the arm of the recliner with me.

Thought about going to the store for shampoo, but it was 91° out there and it was getting to be traffic-0-thirty. I had stripped the bed, including the mattress protector, so I took a nap on the couch. Domino climbed up and took a nap on me.

Almost 7, went to the store (it was still 80°!) and got shampoo, bananas, ice cream and oranges. When I had food poisoning in Thailand, one of my bosses brought me a mess of oranges, and that helped revive me. Also got some fresh Nyquil liquid. Noticed that the bat cave Starbucks was closed, being remodeled again.

Home, cut up the oranges and chomped them - wonderful! Felt great. Made a frozen dinner, had some ice cream.

Answered email, posted a handful of photos from the shoot onto the meetup page. Looked at all 450 of them, but not many made the cut. Not sure if I'll put any online. The model is too skinny and has a great face for Halloween shoots.

Printed out 2 copies of my theater resume,  which I won't need for a month. Replied to Los Altos Theater Co with a yes to their audition invite.

Watched two episodes of TMZ. Sipped some coconut rum liqueur on the rock, was sad to see that I am out of Southern Comfort. I almost bought some at Rite Aid yesterday (it was on sale, but only 76 proof, not the 100 proof medicinal kind, which is why I passed). The Bacardi 151 is overkill, and I don't keep a lot of booze in the house.

Feeling better, but flushed and achy. Made the bed, took a dose of Nyquil, and will hit the sack in a minute.

Plans for tomorrow:
I expect to feel well enough to go to work
Probably will listen to the Urinetown CD