October 10th, 2014


Got Stuff Done

Another morning where the tablet hypnotized me into being just barely on time for work.

At work, was asked by Automation to take a peek at some SNMP tests they wanted to work on, and discovered a big pile of cases which I had to rewrite and test because a trio of showstoppers suddenly were fixed in the latest build. Most of them passed, two were suspended because the industry standard for those items was too vague to know whether our box was giving the right info in the right format.

So now Automation has some work to do.

Lunch at Pizza place, which was packed, odd for mid-week, but it meant there was plenty of hot pizza for a change, saving me from ordering a small one for myself and waiting 20 minutes.

Back to work, the user interface showed another of my features was active, so I started running those tests, but as it turns out the GUI has all the right bits, but not the core firmware. I sort of knew that.

Went online and bought a set of 4 batteries and a charger (includes a car charger) for the new camera. The D800 takes different batteries from the D300. :-(

Considered Hooters for Thursday night football, but rush hour in that direction is stop and slow for half an hour. 7 minutes other times. So I went home, and watched there. Had more Safeway chicken and naval oranges for dinner. Domino was a total nudge, she kept climbing up on the arm of the recliner, nosing in on my plate. And she didn't make it a couple of times, knocked over the garbage can and had the most puzzled look on her face. I kept feeding her small chunks. A couple of times she tried to take my finger as well. Every time I threw something on the floor for her, she would jump down, eat it, then jump back up again.  Annoying. But better than hiding in the corner of the bedroom under the rack of cloth-like objects.

I've been saving the orange peels, have been eating oranges for a few days to help with the cold, which I have figured out was that Enterovirus which the local press has been panicking about. It's one of those "serious in children, not so much in adults" things.

Anyhow, after dinner I started up a batch of candied orange peels, which are now cooling on a piece of waxed paper on a rack on the kitchen island. Dead easy recipe, but it takes a long time. Recipe said "simmer" but it really needed to boil. Once I figured that out it was done in 20 minutes (after an hour wasted on simmering). I have no idea why I decided to make those right now. Probably because I had the peels, which I usually don't. Oranges are too acidic for me to eat regularly.

The football game was pretty good, disappointing that the home team didn't put together that one last drive after coming back from the dead.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, And it's donut morning
The ham radio convention opens not to far from work, I bought a pass a long time ago. I'm not sure if reg opens by lunchtime, though, and I think the exhibits close at 6.

Donut-like Day

Every other Friday it's bagels and muffins, every other Friday it's donuts. This was a donut day, and normally I am not thrilled when they are from faux donut marketers KK, but today was different because I got there early enough to nab a Ghostbusters donut.

I am not a huge fan of GB, have never liked Bill Murray's perpetual smirk. But one of the people I love best from my TheatreWorks days, Robin Navlyt (now married and Robin Shelby) played Slimer in GB2, and was invited to help launch the GB donuts at a KK in LA last week. We had done Oliver!  (she played the title role, I was Mr. Sowerberry the undertaker, her foster dad/slaveholder). We also were both cast in TW's world premier production of Rags, which had been billed as the sequel to Fiddler on the Roof but wasn't. About two weeks into rehearsals, Robin bailed, and moved to LA to do GB2.

Robin is tiny, and I had gone to Great America a few times to see her in full character costumes, and also playing a little girl on one of the outdoor sketches. She also worked other parks inside the character costumes, so being inside the Slimer outfit was not out of her range. Anyhow, I grabbed the donut with her in mind. We're still in contact a lot on FB, along with three or seven others who were in the TW productions.

Work was the usual work.

Lunchtime I went to the GA Marriott and picked up my badge for the ham radio convention. All the Friday stuff was private except for the dealer's room, which wasn't open yet. No time for lunch in the many eateries nearby, but I had a croissant, cheese, cantaloupe chunks and ding dongs in the cooler, so I had that in the break room, after doing a web search for someone.

Left at 6, went straight home because there was Stuff To Be Done Before Dark:

- Hauled out the shop vac and sucked up most of the bird seed which had been scattered in front of the hedges
- Dumped about 35 lbs of two kinds of clay kitty litter onto the mat of bird seed which was between the hedges and the house (my first feeder was designed for birds to swim in the seed tray, and most of the stuff landed on the ground)
- Hosed down the kitty litter, also watering the lemongrass plants, which are doing quite well.
I may need to dump one more box of kitty litter to complete the job. Some other time

The reason I had all that spare litter is I had bought a bunch to get the discount, on the recommendation of manufacturers who claimed it was fast clumping, when it was really fast-cementing. Not designed for a cat with active kidneys. So far The World's Best Cat Litter is living up to its name. No cement, but there's the opposite problem, which is a lot easier to live with, that it is so light that along with the clumps being pushed out by the rake mechanism, a lot of the unclumped litter goes with it. But I don't need to do any extra work with that, so not a problem.

At work I popped the newly-bought Broadway Cast CD of Curtains, a new-ish musical which released right to amateur theaters earlier this year and there has already been one production up at Foothill, SBMT is doing it in January, Woodside in 2 weeks. There will probably be at least 3 more, because all the amateur groups jump on the latest release, and the copyright holders are greedy and no longer abide by their rules of not allowing more than one nearby group to do the show in the same season.

Anyhow, it's brilliant. It's a real musical, lots of laughs, lots of tuneful songs, some romance, and the only thing wrong with it is it is about putting on a musical. Like A Chorus Line, 42nd Street, and a whole slew of other musicals. But it's also a murder mystery so there's that. I would love to be in it. SBMT looks like they still have one vacancy, but they don't list the production staff, which is scary, and which means how the heck did they cast it? Because except for that one character, it's fully cast. mostly with Anything Goes alumni.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ham convention at about 9:30 - there are a couple of talks on antennas I want to sit in on
Coffee w/Janice at 2
West Side Story in Newark at 8. I do not have high expectations, but I am fully prepared to be pleasantly surprised.