October 13th, 2014


A Good Start

Got to work before 9, because I wanted to, and was able to finally get my butt out of bed and into the shower as if I was motivated or something. Which I was not. Because work has snagged so badly I spent the final hour on amtrak.com discovering I did not have enough flagrant flyer points to take it to NOLA and and back. I really want to take another week off (I have 120 hours accrued of PTO, even after Worldcon) because 96 hours rolled over from last year when I didn't take a real vacatio.

Thanks to London et al, I really should not try to afford a trip, but I feel really bad doing nothing at work.

In other news, Fedex blew it. I had signed online for a camera GPS which I have been waiting for for a month, from Hong Kong, which they stupidly shipped to Memphis, TN for customs clearance instead of SF, costing two more days. They failed to deliver it today because the deliverer didn't notice that it had been signed for.  So that's 3 days of FAIL when it absolutely,positively had to be there overnight. Well, second day air. I phoned them, escalated it, and the local branch phoned back to confirm they got the message, and apologized. It's not critical, I won't be using it till the new camera arrives, which was also supposed to be today but it was coming by USPS which  นับถือ  Columbus day. That's the Thai word for "respect" but it's mainly used as "follow" as in "follow a religion". As with most languages, Thai has words which work better than English in a given scenario.

Now looking up the French Horn I bought on eBay, Fedex screwed that up too, sent it to Newark CA across the Bay, and it's marked as "unable to locate recipient". No shit, Sherlock. The recipient isn't in your coverage area.

Straight home after work, started playing the in progress TiVoed SF football game. Got disgusted and turned it off at halftime. Had dinner, did some Facebooking and another look at Amtrak for shorter trips, and came back to the game. Triple Fast forwarded, keeping an eye on the score, and when SF got a lead, I started playing it in single FF and finally got close enough to real time with 5 minutes on the clock and was almost ready to turn it off again when Harbaugh kept running up the middle against a immovable Rams line. Kept it on, and saw the last-minute interception/TD which iced the game for the 9ers. It was a win, but it was not pretty.

I've been nibbling on the candied orange peels, and finally made the connection. They are like orange flavored red vines. Licorice after taste, after a strong sugary orange. Kind of addictive, except I don't like licorice.

Plans for tomorrow:
Talk at CHM. I think it's the guy who wrote the Steve Jobs biography.