November 2nd, 2014


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and then up

Took my time waking up this morning, checked the weather apps and they said it would be raining in SF, maybe even thunderstorms, so I squelched the plan to go to AT&T park for the science fair, since it is mostly outdoors. Watched a lot of bad college football, read a bit on the Kindle app. Dozed off from time to time. Breakfast for a change - bacon on sourdough English muffins. Lunch was bacon on mac & cheese.

6:30 headed for Janice's, picked her up at 7, we went to San Mateo hoping to have mocha and a chat at the Starbucks, but there was no parking, not even in the garage. So we drove over to Airport Way looking for one, but there wasn't any. Punted, and went to the Hyatt, expecting to find a coffee shop, but the only thing open was the bar, but they had coffee and desserts, so that worked.

Dropped her off at SFO international terminal at about 9:15 and then drove home. She's off to Vietnam on a tour.

Home, heated up a pot pie, no bacon. Ice cream for dessert.

Checked the food I'd put out for Spook next to the bed, it looks untouched. Earlier in the day I poked her, which got her out of the uncomfortable looking low part and under the raised head of the bed. Much better for her.

It'll be a while before she comes out. It's very frustrating but there you have it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch football.
Maybe see a play. Maybe not, because Mr. phones it in is in it.

Coming out

Apple's CEO recently made a formal announcement that he is gay. He said it was no big thing, he has been out to everyone around him for a while. Meanwhile, he has messed up everything he has touched at his company. The U2 fiasco, a broken Yosemite OS. Two iphones which are big and bigger, basically trying to copycat Samsung. A totally lame Apple Watch, released after a much more functional and attractive Moto watch. Serious iphone 6 delivery problems (though all the iphones have been sold out before they were for sale). Issues with pro photo application Aperture. With all that to account for, yeah, being gay is no big deal. And maybe a mark against the gay community.
Spook came out today. She had been under the bed since Thursday, had not gone out for food or water, and I was getting worried because cats need water at least every 3 days. Food not so much. I thought that because she would scoot back and forth to whichever side of the bed I was not looking from, that she could get out of there any time. But I found out differently.

It was in four steps. First step was moving the very thick and heavy mattress off of the platform and on edge against the closet doors. That took three tries, because that sucker is heavier than it looks, and I was also trying to watch a football game in the livingroom.

And it took almost an hour to recover from that effort.

The next was in three steps, because the platform is one of the motorized ones, solid and heavy and not easy to lift because there's a malleable foam liner around the metal frame, making it hard to grab the frame. First step was to just try to lift it. Next was to lift the foot high enough to see if Spook was going to slide herself out. Final one was lifting the frame on its edge, leaning it against the mattress. That scared Spook enough that she ran around looking for a way back under, which there wasn't one of, then finally around the other side of the frame and mattress, and under the blanket rack which Domino had hidden under when she got terminally sick.

That was okay, the rack is a couple of feet high, easy to reach into, and see into. Much much safer for the cat and me.

Put the bed back together, which took very little time (gravity was on my side).

Got a dish for food and one for water and put those inside the cubby hole, next to her. She ignored them. 

I went and watched more football, to let her chill. Came back, sat on the bed, and noticed her tracking my movements. Just on a hunch I called to her, gestured with my arm & hand, and she actually came out and head-butted my hand, let me scratch her head, then went back into her hiding place. We did this for about 15 minutes. She even rolled over for tummy rubs. But she still wouldn't stay out.

I had been planning to spend some time at Starbucks, and it was getting late, so I went to my local one, but they have re-designed it replacing the regular tables and chairs with rows of high, long, narrow surfaces, high chairs and power strips under the surfaces. And it was packed, no place to sit, so I turned around and walked out. Went to Target, which has a Starbucks (& a pizza place). They accepted my free drink card, and I sat down to read from my Nexus' Kindle app, but that didn't last long because the screaming baby convention came to town. It was like Walmart, not Target. :-(

Back home, Spook was not in her cubby hole. She was not under the bed. I didn't see her in any of the usual hiding places. Hmmm.

Monday is garbage day, so I took out the garbage, and when I parked the bin on the street in front of the house, I saw this:

That's the front of the house, all the way on the other side from the bedroom. I was amazed. I went inside to take photos, but when I parted the curtain and poked the phone camera in, she bolted and went back to the hiding place in the bedroom.

Oh well. She still came out to play, but always returned to her safe place.

When I went into the office to fire up the PC, I saw a wet streak in the cat bed by the cat tree. Spook had mistaken it for a litterbox. So I checked the two other cat beds, and while the one in the piano room was untouched, the one behind the TV was pooped in. Good thing those are machine washable.

So, after the wash was started, more football to watch. And I took time out to video Spook. She turns out to be a total video slut. Such a beautiful cat.

Anyhow, I am now much happier. It's going to be a while before she is a lap cat, but I think she will become one. Maybe in my lifetime.

Plans for tomorrow:
multi-team meeting has been changed back to just our team. Yay!
More fun with Spook.