November 7th, 2014


It wasn't a hoot

So, work today finally the engineer came by to admit there really is a bug, and he had a partial work-around for it. Which partially worked. We did a bunch of testing together and figured out just how partial it was. Made me happy. He is one of the better engineers to work with, I blame program management for the delay.

Lunchtime I went to Walgreen's and got a jug of windshield washer, a new cat brush and Fabreze. Then walked out and saw Target right there, where I got a couple of cat toys and cat hair pickup roller and some SodaStream orange mix. Neither place had the kind of toys I was really looking for, may go to Petco next. I would have gone today but forgot my coupon.

After work I made the 40-minute slog to Hooters (20 minutes if it isn't rush hour), ostensibly to (a) see the end of the NFL game and (b) buy a 2015 calendar. I tried the D wings, which were crispy and a bit spicy. Sinus melting spicy. I had no idea D was all about hot. Also had the clam chowder which was excellent, but unfortunately served in a wide, shallow china bowl, so it got cold pretty quickly. The chocolate mousse cake was delicious and fresh. My waitress was of the Amazon variety - gorgeous but built for linebackers. There were a couple of very pretty petite ones, and the manager was serious eye candy for someone my age. Late 30s, early 40s, but a toned figure maybe 5'3" or so.

The place was way too noisy. One table was completely ignoring the 6 different sports programs on the 37 screens, and having a very loud time fueled by beer. The table in front of mine was a "let's meet after work, bring your kid if you want to" thing, and I was disturbed with how many children came through the place who did not want to be there.

My timing was pretty good, busloads of people started coming in about the time I was ready to leave. And someone at the table behind me had a percussive laugh which sounded like a woodpecker on steroids.

Despite the number of screens, they were all at bad angles/distances from the tables. Despite the eye candy, I won't be going there again any time soon.

Home, Spook was still in her hole in the office, had not left it all day. I know because I set up the nearest webcam with motion detection. A few minutes after I started to play on the computer, she came out to play on the cat tree, and also used the litterbox and had some food in the kitchen.

Amazon delivered a pair of HD webcams, I set one up in the kitchen, because the previous one had IR issues. I also moved some stuff off the office table so te camera there can see int the hidie hole.

Just got some more milk from the fridge, Spook was parked in front of a cabinet near the path from the livingroom to the kitchen. She seems to think I am chasing her when I'm just walking past. But at least she is out in the open, and little by little is adopting the house as her own - but only when I'm home. She just spent about 7 months by herself in a cage, so I'm not surprised. It has now been a week and a day.

Plans for tomorrow:
1-on-1 if it isn't canceled. Our first team meeting with the new boss' boss was postponed today.
Petco - shop for toys.


Spook has not moved since this morning. I'm pretty sure she's under the stuffed chair.

As posted on FB:
4:30 am I am awoken by what sounds like a smoke alarm with a defective speaker, or maybe the squeak of a jar being opened. Get out of bed to check it out, and Spook gallops from next to the bed down the hall to the livingroom. I follow (thinking "What did you say, Lassie? Little Timmy fell down the well?") but as I approach she squeaks some more and runs away, circling around back to me. She wants to play. I want to sleep. I go back to bed, a couple of hours later she is by the bed squeaking, this time it's sounding more like a meow/whining. She let me pet her, then ran away. This is the first time she has been in the bedroom since she got trapped under the bed. Progress.

Stayed in bed till 9, got to work before 10. Forgot it was donut day until there was only one left. Got some testing done on a borrowed new machine, but had to wait till 3:30 to run the test I was signed up for on the current machine. Not a huge problem, it has to run overnight, over the weekend should be better.

Lunchtime went to Petco and bought a small pile of things which I figured Spook might enjoy. We'll see if she ever comes out. I'll be going to bed early to make up for this morning.

Straight home after work, Amazon delivery was on the front porch - Fisherman's Friend cough drops, which I have not found in stores anywhere here. It has been eons since I tried them, and frankly cannot remember if they were any good, but three friends independently recommended them in the past month, and it's not like they wear out on the shelf.

Dinner was a standard bit of cooking for me, for a change. Three fried eggs on three pieces of multi-grain nut bread with margarine and a slice of American Singles on each piece. And lactose free 2%.

Watched two episodes of TMZ and the tail end of MT vs UT State football.

I'm going to go take meds and go to bed now.

Plans for tomorrow:
8 pm Tabard Theater's The Immigrant, because the music director from Little Shop is starring in it, and there will be dialog in Yiddish.