November 11th, 2014


Almost Like Clockwork

Yup, Spook came out at about 9:45 again. She played with her toys, but I was busy listening to a stunning free Kristen Chenoweth concert and mostly ignored her. But eventually I grabbed the Nikon and took pix & videos.

And after the music was done I sat in the recliner and got out the red dot device, and she chased it all over. Boy is she fast!

Work was an adventure. Started with running a test wrong. I didn't see the hidden URL with the secret steps.

Team meeting ran short.  The Guy Who Never Stops Talking tried to stretch it out, I have no idea what he was talking about. But I was glad we had a break because my tummy decided it needed to test the plumbing big-time, which made me slightly late for Boss' boss' meeting. I was just in time for the Big Announcement. Reorg. The Guy Who Never Stops Talking was transferred to a different part of QA, under a different manager, along with one guy from Upstairs. Two guys from Upstairs were transferred to my group. One of those two will more than make up for The Guy Who Never Stops Talking. He tried to argue with boss' boss,  obviously did not want to be under my manager. His manager was the manager for Upstairs, but now he has no reports, and was given the job of becoming the technical expert on the stuff Upstairs worked on, which is a major part of our latest project. From what I have gathered talking with him, he is not going to fill that role well. I like the re-org, it solved several issues the right way. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Upstairs ex-manager to find another place to work.

It reminds me of something which happened when I worked at Sony. I left a couple of months before the project was shut down. It was the brainchild of an executive from another company looking for a place to make megabucks for managing a Big Project of the bleeding edge variety. Today the project just by chance happens to be one of the things my current devices do, but in 1996 the technology was just not there. Anywho, my ex-boss kept in touch after I left and filled me in. Sony either laid off or re-assigned the 100 people working for Big Project Guy, gave him a big office upstairs, but no budget, no staff and no project. The Japanese thing to do would have been to resign, but he was an American MBA, and it took about three months before he got the hint.

So, back to my desk, it was noon, I was feeling nauseous and sniffly. Instead of going out for lunch (didn't feel up to driving) I snarfed a couple of mugs of chicken bullion. That helped. Continued a test on a pair of borrowed current project machines, started two tests on my future product machine and at the end of the day that my FPM is being given to the guy who replaces The Guy Who Never Stops Talking, and I'll get daytime use of one of the automation machines later.

Home, watched MNF, another blowout, turned it off when the jerks who are trying to pass for commentators started making a fruit smoothie in a blender instead of calling the game.

Which brings me to Football Announcer English Language Demolition:
Give is now a noun. "The give is to Farnsworth" instead of "the handoff"
Contain has replaced containment. "He ran outside the pocket, breaking contain"

There are a few more, but I'm sleepy.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (yes, we work on Veterans Day)
American Flag

A word about Veterans

There are almost no veterans still alive who fought for our freedom. Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, and especially all the Middle East wars did nothing to keep America free, and did a lot to threaten it.

The US armed forces have been all-volunteer for decades, and most of those who have put on a uniform have done so either because they wanted to fight and kill, or because they wanted a college education without the literacy requirement. There are some True Patriots among those people, but they are few and far between, and my first statement still holds true for them as well as the others.


This is funny, LJ

Someone removed me from his friend's list because of my Veteran's Day posting, so now I can't read any of his non-public posts.  He hasn't written anything on here since 2012. But he can still read all my posts. :-)

Progress on many - okay two - fronts

Up with the alarm and thanks to not lallygagging or any other kind of gagging, I made it to work before 9, for no apparent reason. Spook was in hiding when I left.

The bug I had been chasing since Friday afternoon seems to have been fixed, but it took all day to feel comfortable signing off on it. The engineer from the other side of the QA dept. who filed it gave me some much needed clues.

There was an event to celebrate the company opening the building next door, which had been under renovation for more than a year. My team is staying in the old building (they renovated the facade but we still have the dingy old carpets and inadequate lighting). I was busy, but the real reason I ignored it was twofold:
1. It would have been nice to move into a building designed to be an electronics lab
2. Pizza is not my idea of a celebratory lunch

I went to the Korean Chinese buffet, and started with the sushi.

Straight home, nothing I really needed to shop for and maybe Spook would come out early.

And she did, she was out when I came in. We played with the laser dot, and she took out some of her aggression on the little monkey toy. Treated it like a captured mouse. And she played soccer with the little felt ball. She let me pet her a lot, but the two times she let me close enough to pick her up she wriggled and jumped away. And came back for more petting. It's going to be a long time before she is a lap cat, if ever.

Dinner was a pot pie, while watching two foorball games on ESPN 2,345 and ESPN U. One of them had truly annoying commentators, but the other featured a pair of local (to the home team) announcers who would stop talking when they had nothing to say, and never got shrill.

Spook is in the livingroom as I write this, stretched out across the plane of the office door so she can show me how beautiful she is. What a diva.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Nine Lives and let them know the calico formerly known as Juno is now called Spook, and she's a keeper.
Maybe some produce shopping