November 12th, 2014



The car is, that is. Long story short, three of the four needed replacing, Costco had a sale on a set of 4, so instead of trying to repair the two repairable ones and buying two mis-matched, I went for the set.

The long story is hidden Collapse )

They gave me an ETA of 2 hours, I went to the other side of the building and had a snack and read from the Kindle app, but after 2 hours when they hadn't called I walked back to see what was up. My car had been done an hour before, but they never called. :-(

I moved the car out front and went inside to shop, expecting to spend about $50, but impulse got the better of me, as well as inflated prices. Everything has gone up dramatically. Pistachios used to be the best buy in town at $5.30/lb for a 3-lb bag ($15.90) now that same bag is just under $19. Bananas used to be 59¢ a pound, now they are almost 70¢. And so on. Basically, Safeway now has better club prices, the main diff is Safeway doesn't sell in bulk, but then I don't like to buy in bulk, so maybe Costco isn't for me anymore.

Home, Spook came out from under the coffee table, her new place to pretend to hide from me. She knows I can see her. I checked on her at work and saw her on the livingroom window sill and in the office cat tree "house". Come to think of it, she came into the bedroom this morning too, squeaking.

Work was good, sort of. I figured out why I was getting different results from the engineer on one important bug. While I was away my PC IP address had changed. Boo Hiss.

But I was able to verify the fixes for two other bugs, which is excellent.  The not-good part is the new-style machine I was supposed to be loaned was also having hardware problems, and it was taken off-line to replace a board, but it apparently needs more help. But we got a new build for the current-style machine and I think there are some bug fixes for me on that, besides the two I did.

Had some mango slices which were not ripe after a week, so I added some milk and ice and made a mango smoothie, but it's too foamy. Maybe if I let it sit in the fridge for a while...

Plans for tomorrow:
Strictly Songwriting meetup. This is a spinoff of the original Tuesday songwriters' meetup which got hijacked by people who are all about production, and bring in long, boring instrumentals and over-produced electronic compositions. I need to take a look at the RSVP list to see if those folks got the hint. There are 15 RSVPs so probably not.