November 14th, 2014



Was has some leg cramps this morning, which is something that happens this time of year, blame the drop in overnight temps and barometric pressure. Stayed in bed till it passed, emailed in late to work. But there was a lot of work to do. One easy new feature to test, which led to a much more involved one. Both were customer requests, or rather sales engineer requests to help sell more units. Useful additions, but not as useful as they could have been.

Lunch at Togo's. My crush was there in a tight leather skirt, and a ring with a diamond as big as Rhode Island. I had the pastrami reuben, which was done wrong (the cheese was cold) and it leaked all over my shirt.

Spook was on the webcam in hiding most of the day, with forays to the cat tree.

Home, traffic was miserable. The weather report said rain, but it didn't, so why were people driving like it did?

Invite in the park mailbox to 11/22 T-day party. I may go. I have two coupons for free dinners which I have not had the chance to use yet.

Someone, probably my crazy next door neighbor, left a poinsettia on my carport steps. The landing, actually. It has been relocated to the garbage bin.

Spook was not being very social, while I watched TV. NFL and Pac12 football. Makes me wish I still had PIP.

Then back out to Los Altos, for the real songwriters' meetup. Thank goodness the electronic composition freaks stayed away. There was one non-writer, he has been to other meetups, he's a producer and skews things a bit by suggesting how to make the songs more commercial. He's low key about it, and there are a couple of people in the group who would like to go to the next level with their songs.

I didn't share anything, didn't have any of my music on my phone, and didn't trust the web connection. And the serious song I wanted to do I could not find recorded anywhere. There was a piano, a beautiful baby grand, but it was positioned to block the audience, and I can't sing and play at the same time anyway.

Next time.

Home, crab cakes and creamed corn for dinner. Spook is hiding in plain sight a lot. I managed to pick her up twice, but she is still scared of being held.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much to do at work, I've got to the bottom of the list today.
I have enough orange peels to make a big batch of candied orange peels. I find them strangely addictive. Love the orange/sugar taste, but am also hooked on the licorice-like aftertaste, which is bizarre because I hate licorice.
Make plans for my birthday Saturday. A certain Ringo Starr song applies.