November 20th, 2014


Drama Dairy Day

Overslept, kind of. Woke with the alarm, and checked some stuff online on the tablet, but the next thing I knew it was 5 minutes to 9 and I was just waking up. Cut my morning routine short, made it to work early enough.

Lots of work at work, and a meeting I really didn't have to be at except to find out I was not going to be given a new machine to test. Did some stuff on the current machine, only to find out the India crew had already done it.

Boss had planned to have a 1-on-1 but he hadn't sent me a calendar item, so when he rescheduled it for tomorrow it took me by surprise.

I did manage to get some automation testing done. Brownie points for that.

Stumbled on actual text of the Thai song I was looking for, online, and was able to paste it into a Word doc. So now I can type in translations in between the lines. I took a start at that, pasting a line at a time into google translate, and also into my Thai2English app, but the former tries too hard to swallow the sentence whole and pukes out bad syntax, while the latter gives me a list of words and alternates with individual translations. If I dump in a whole verse, it gives me transliteration, which I don't want or need. This will be a long project maybe for the weekend.

I also bought a ticket for the closing show of White Christmas at Hillbarn Theater in Foster City. I rarely go to Xmas shows, and almost passed on this one, until I remembered that it isn't a Jesus show, it's one of the best musicals of the 50s, written by that Originally Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen and George Clooney's Aunt Rosemary. And my favorite curmudgeonly character actor Dean Jagger. Music, including the title song, by that Tea Party Christian, Irving Berlin. In the Hillbarn production, one of my favorite co-stars, Melissa O'Keefe,  is playing the Rosemary Clooney part.

Melissa acting in one of the Best Ads Ever™

Melissa singing. She is also a regular singing the national anthem for 49ers, Giants, Sharks, etc.

Counter to all the weather reports, we had no rain at all this morning, it only started to drizzle slightly at lunch time, and at the homeward commute it would have been called a dusting if it was snow.

Stopped in at Lowe's, bought a pair of smoke alarms, photoelectric so they won't false alarm, and also picked up some cat toys which Lowe's mistakenly thinks are holiday tree ornaments. They are priced below what similar things go for at the pet stores. Go figure.

Home, installed the alarms. The ones they replaced had to be removed, but the screws only had to be loosened, and they fit the new mounts (which are considerably larger than the originals). Both old & new are First Alert brands, and the old ones probably were installed new just before I bought the place a year ago, but they chose the cheapest ones.

I bought the cheapest ones Lowe's had in stock, which apparently work with a networking device called Iris, which they did not have any of, despite a massive display of all the neat things the network can connect. including thermostat, light switches, etc. 

Meanwhile, Spook is being Spook. One minute playing with her toys, the next lying on the floor 4 feet from me being a supermodel, the next minute hidden in a corner somewhere. She did like the string-wrapped ball which I gave her, but not as much as her soft velour one.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thursday night football