November 21st, 2014


Almost Tomorrow

On Tuesday I was already ready for the weekend, but I knew on Thursday I would be wondering where the week went. And so it goes. Went.

It was raining enough to have the wipers on this morning, so I took back roads to work. Got caught by many of the long (3-minutes) red lights. Took 20 minutes for what should have been 15.

Juggling three projects today, once again had to take lunch at 12:30 to make a 2 pm meeting. The new boss' boss is not real good at staying on track, so a half-hour meeting took 90 minutes. He started by having everyone with laptops shut theirs, and invoked the no-cell phone clause. But he didn't come down very hard on all the cross-talkers, so that part was a FAIL. There was some useful info in the meeting, but not nearly enough to justify an hour, let alone 90 minutes.

Finally had my 1-on-1, boss said kind words about me finding other projects when my new machine got taken away. We have 11 people in the group and only 7 working units.

We also went over PTO, it seems all of the 120 hours I will have piled up at the end of the year will carry over, but I will max out at the end of April so I have to take time off before then in order to keep accruing time off. I get about 15 hours a month, credited the last day of the month.

Lunchtime I had wanted to go to Kaiser and pick up my insulin stash, but there wasn't time, and traffic is impossible at rush hour, and the pharmacy I had them sent to closes at 6. Tomorrow late morning, then.  Lunch was at Denny's, the pumpkin pancakes were very good.

I was almost out of frozen dinners, so I stopped in at the Walmart Marketplace in the Mercado, and was pleasantly surprised by how not messed up the displays were, and some of the prices. Also, every price tag has in BIG black on orange the unit price. (price per pound, etc.). And their house brand prices are very deeply cut. Lactose free milk is $2 a half gallon less than what Safeway charges for their house brand.

Bought a lot of frozen dinners, some egg rolls, would have bought bananas at 59 cents/lb but I have too many already. Got some limes at 18 cents each, but they are small, so the bargain is mitigated. Still, the other stores want 25 cents.

Got home in time for the final quarter of the Raiders/Chiefs game. Some back story is the QB of the Kansas City team was cut from the San Francisco team, so this was kind of a homecoming. He did not do well at all. So two things happened which have not happened all season in Oakland. One is it rained, hard and the other is they won. By 4 points, and they nearly blew it by making that final touchdown too soon. And a stupid mistake by one of the defenders gave KC an extra 1st down on a failed 4th down play. I think the final snap was 23 seconds left to play.

It was good to see them win, until the sideline interview with the QB, who praised Jesus for the win, completely ignoring Jesus' role in his 10 losses. It never ceases to amaze me that misfortune is never blamed on Jesus, even when it overwhelmingly outweighs the fortune.

In Spook news, she has been playing the run-away-from-Howard game all evening. I did manage to pick her up once, but she immediately looks for a place to jump to. At least she is getting her exercise - she can really tear through the hallway.

Got some laundry done. Ought to put it away sometime soon. Got the dishwasher unloaded from yesterday.

Checked the specs and did some measuring, and if I really want to I can fit the freezer they are selling at Lowe's into the kitchen. I could also put it next to the washer, but don't want to relocate the litter box.

Plans for tomorrow:
??? after work