November 22nd, 2014


Double Drugged

The other day I had moved the webcam from one end of the piano room to the other, expecting to get a view of one of Spook's main hiding places under the livingroom window sills, and also the opening between the kitchen and the livingroom, which is hidden from the livingroom cam by a big bag of Styrofoam peanuts from the French horn delivery. I expected wrong. The move meant going from the back wall to the side wall, and the mount does not swivel, so the cam could not be aimed down enough at that angle to get the floor.

So today's project was to take the new HD cam, and mount it to the edge of the support post by the front door, just around the bend from that last location, facing the same direction as the original location. And that worked just as I had wanted, except because it is a support post, I could only drill and pound the plastic screw supports about 1/3 of the way in, so the mount sticks out from the wall about half an inch. Ugly, but functional, and few others will ever see it.

Then I moved the original cam back to its original position, because the new cam won't swing around enough to give a view of the cat tree across from the piano. Now there are 8 cams, which is definitely overkill and way stupid, but there you have it.

I just gave $100 to this indegogo campaign:
Say Goodbye to the Sugar High
I would have donated earlier but was cash poor until my birthday, which also happened to be payday. I don't think they will make their target with only 5 days left, but I needed top help. Amy Stewart was in three of the first productions I did in the Bay Area. She played the title role in Annie in a combined Palo Alto Players/ Palo Alto Children's Theater show in 1984. When TheatreWorks did Oliver! later that year, I was Mr. Sowerberry and she was the Artful Dodger. And then 4 years later we were in TheatreWorks' Peter Pan, she was Wendy. She graduated high school, moved to LA, got a psych degree and got sucked into TV acting. I thought she had a long running part on a soap, but her imdb page says otherwise. Still , her guest star credits are impressive. Dragnet, ER, Chicago Hope, The Practice, The West Wing, Las Vegas, JAG,  Desperate Housewives, CSI, Lost, and so on. She quit all that a couple of years ago to have a baby, and we all know what that does to a person. So even though she is back to accepting short acting gigs, she and a childhood friend have started a company which makes a sugar-free, allegedly healthier lemonade in those kids' lunchbox squeeze boxes with the straw taped to the side.

I wish her luck for a lot of reasons, but mostly because she's a very brave person doing this for all the right reasons.

This morning I was at work on time for a change, which meant I had a goods selection of Krispy Kreme sugar coated air modules to ingest. In other junk food news, several more people complimented my candied orange peels today, and said they were disappointed there weren't any more. There are more, but they are mine. :-)

There was almost no work to do, or so I thought until I was wrapping up my weekly report and discovered that the India group did not write test descriptions for both sets of test cases I wrote this week. They only did one set. I think. I'll have to double check because I had only written 6 but they said they had written 13. Hmmm.

Lunchtime I got to Kaiser, went to the 2nd floor pharmacy to pick up my two insulin prescriptions. The whole idea of using the 2nd floor and not the main one on the 1st floor is there is never a long line. Well, there was only one person in front of me, but that's when the clerk fumble fingered her POS terminal to the point where the department techie couldn't get it going, so I had to wait for the drop-off clerk to be free. 3-minute task becomes 15 minutes. Which made it too late to check out the farmer's market.

From there to Togo's, had an asian chicken salad and a bowl of clam chowder.  Their clam chowder is nom nom yum yum. But it's only a cup, and way over-priced.

Since I had so little to do, I installed Thai2English on the work PC, and plopped the Thai words to that song in there and it actually gave me exactly what I was looking for. Each line of Thai was transliterated, and then a drop-down showed definitions for each word. I will still need to create grammatical English sentences out of those definitions (and choose the right words), but it means by the time the next Songwriters' meetup comes around I will have something to present. The plan is to hand out the transliteration, play the song, and then hand out the translation and let people mull over how it might make an English song. The one challenge is Thai songs don't rhyme, and don't always scan (this one pretty much does, though).

Straight home from work, after messing with the cams, there was football. SJ State at Utah state. Utah had a far better team, but boy does their band suck. It hurt to listen to them, and they played almost constantly. That's one nice thing about Pac12 football, most of those programs have stellar bands. USC's actually wins games for them by playing their marching cadence/tone loop ad nauseam. It sounds like the entire Roman army is grinding its way across your face. And they are perfectly in tune, perfect tome and intonation, together, and balanced. These are mostly the people who are, and will become, members of the orchestras for the Hollywood production companies and TV shows. UCLA also gets some of those, but they are not nearly as highly recruited.

Spook has been following me around the house a lot tonight, and not running away much when I pet her. Progress. While I was on the ladder putting up the cams, she was meowing at me, and playing with the power cords. She also discovered a toy, a little woolly head on a spring attached to the base of the cat tree in the piano room.

Obama made his speech about immigration, and it was written by Bush Junior:

I disagree with most of my friend on the issue. My attitude is two wrongs don't make a right, and if you're going to lure people who have snuck in illegally or overstayed their visas by offering them work permits and visa extensions, you can just as easily arrest them and send them back home. The system doesn't have to be broken.

Unlike most of the few friends who agree with me, I don't give a hoot about the jobs being taken away from citizens. I'm perfectly fine with raising the immigration quotas, and enforcing minimum wage laws. I'm also fine with paying more for stuff as a result. Because legal residents pay taxes, which means I will pay less for their health care, education and car accidents.

As for the refugee argument, I don't buy it. If someone claims to be in danger if she is sent back home, let her apply for refugee status and have her day in court. 

And Mexico needs to step up. 
Random thought: Bonus without the B is Onus

Plans for tomorrow:
Put out the cans for the monthly homeowners assn recycle drive
Play with Spook
Steal some internet from Peet's and have a sticky bun at the attached Specialty's
Homeowners Assn turkey dinner