November 23rd, 2014


Another Saturday of Broken Dreams

Woke up at 6:30, set an alarm for 8 because the home assn. mag said today was recycling day. Usually it's the last Saturday of the month, but because of the holiday weekend it made sense for them to bump up. Took two bags of cans out to the curb and went back to bed.

Stayed in bed till 10, did stuff on the computer till 11, looked out the window to see if it was raining and noticed the two bags still out there. They had been rained on, but not much, though it was not raining any more. Brought them back inside.

Watched football, lots of good college games on, and also sat down to seriously build the lyric sheet for that Thai song. It took a while, but just as I was halfway through I noticed that the last two verses were repeats, with only one word different, so it was a simple cut and paste. That one word is the one which makes my eyes leak a little. The first time through she says "I love you" the second time "I love only you". I'll see if I can paste it all Collapse )

Finally got motivated to drive to Peet's/Specialty's down the block. Dragged in my laptop and used the kiosk to order a sticky bun and a soft drink. When the pager went off, the nice lady told me they were out of sticky buns, so I had her cancel the whole order, and left. Plan B was to get a mocha in the Mathilda Starbucks, but they were packed, noplace to sit, so I drove home.

Set up the laptop and did some updating and virus/adware scanning while watching more football.

Spook was very active, batting around her favorite toy, a soft velour ball, which she can play soccer with, or pick up in her mouth and carry around. I need to get her a mouse toy, I think.

She has discovered some new places to park, including the sheepskin rug which previous she only wanted to eat.

She is also perfecting the art of grabbing napkins off the table with her teeth, and shredding them in the hard to get to places between the recliner and the side table, and under the side table. We are not amused.

And she follows me into the bathrooms now. Actually, she followed me just about everywhere I went in the house today. So I made the bed and picked her up and set her down on it, on the comforter which matches her. She sniffed around nervously, but soon located a place to jump off from, avoiding the pet steps. She doesn't get them, or need them, I ought to get rid of the two I had bought for Domino. The extra cam is proving its worth, most of the time I look she is in its sights.

5:30, walked to the community center for the harvest holiday dinner. The event was advertised for 5:30 but at 5:35 I was almost the last one there. The food was mostly very good, excellent stuffing, too much broccoli in the steamed veggies, great mashed potatoes and fresh dinner rolls. The turkey was sub-par, lots of gristle in mine, but cooked perfectly. They said it was cooked and sliced by Harry's Hoffbrau. Dessert was excellent, choice of apple and/or pumpkin pie with pumpkin flavored ice cream. I just had the apple. Of course there was cranberry sauce with the main dishes, but I can't stand that stuff. We were done about about 7. I did not come close to winning a door prize and didn't buy a 50/50 ticket. But the guy who was in charge of the kitchen won both.

Was pleased to see my alma mater trounce Oregon State. Was not pleased to not hear or see the band. Pac12 Network seriously attenuates the crowd sounds and boosts the booth noise. I wish the commentators would give it a rest. They also cut away at halftime, but something else was up because after the game they stayed on the field, and the band was nowhere to be seen or heard. Makes me wonder if they had the full band, or just the drum squad (whom I heard).

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
Watch football
Play with Spook
Coffee with Janice, newly returned from a tour of Vietnam
More football


Mostly Gamez

Not much planned for today, so I went online looking for a device whose Time Has Come, a Z-wave to wi-fi bridge. Found one called Wink which was a reasonable price (<$50) at Home Depot, drove there, brought it home and set it up. It will be going back for a refund because it doesn't recognize my Z-wave devices, and it uses Wink's server instead of staying local, which is a huge security risk, and there is the danger that they will switch from free to subscription. The Z-wave section took some sleuthing to find, and it is lame.

Unfortunately all the other bridges are in the > $200 range.

Lots of football on TV, unfortunately Seahawks game was not offered here, instead we got Detroit/New England and some Ohio/somewhere else which makes no sense to be showing in this market.

Watched the 49ers luck out and fail to lose against Washington. True to form, they scored first and then went into hibernation.

Spook has a new game. She gets between the recliner and the side table, and attacks the sleeve of my shirt with both paws, like it's a boxing punching ball. I am not amused. She has sharp claws.   

Met Janice for coffee in MV, she gave me a knife from her Vietnam trip. It looks like a twin bladed all purpose veggie knife, even includes a can opener. Very strange looking thing, maybe I'll hang it on the kitchen wall.

Back home, caught the last 4 minutes of the NY Giants giving the game away to the Cowboyz. There was a spectacular catch earlier in the game by a Giants player, which would have earned him an MVP award had they won.

Watching the entertainment channels, what is with this witch hunt against Bill Cosby? Monkey See women coming out of the woodwork to accuse him of things 30 years later? Ridiculous.

Plans for tomorrow:
MNF ought to be a good game. Now that I have my lab signal restored I might be able to catch the Jets/Bills game. 4 pm my time.