December 4th, 2014


Three Days And Counting

Finally got my 2015 calendar photo candidates online, in 2 places. If you have a Flickr account you can vote by clicking on the star for each photo you would like to see on a calendar here:
And if you have a Facebook account, click "like" on your favorite photos here:

If you have neither, you can go to the Flickr link and reply to this post with the image numbers of the ones you like. I thought about building a page on, but it's too much work, and would need a database.

Note: the three photos of the kid getting splashed will be merged into one 3-frame image, if they are chosen.

Got up with the alarm. The new clock radio worked fine. I remembered to put it in sleep mode before I went to sleep, so it came up on the same station it turned off from. The display is a little too bright, but bearable. I may make a translucent flap to dim it at night. The AM radio is excellent. Sunnyvale is in a valley and the reason I went to internet radios in the past was lack of AM signals in the apartments, but the house doesn't have that issue.

Loitered online too long, ended up being later to work than I wanted to be, but it doesn't really matter because there was no actual work to do until the end of the day. And then I had my 1-on-1, and got two things to do from the boss, and then one thing from Automation Guy. Which I will do tomorrow.

Lunch was Carl's Junior because I didn't want to drive far in the rain.

Home after work, Spook thinks today is tag day. She's running away like a calico lightning bolt when I get near her, then poses, and wait for me to try to touch her. She ducks under the coffee table to annoy me. But she is getting more and more brave. I need to not train her to fight with me, she always has her claws out when she plays, which is not good.

Finally got to Tivo tonight and watched Kristen Chenoweth's Coming Home PBS special in her home town of Broken Arrow, OK. They now have an amazing performing arts center, which I would not be surprised to find she paid for. Because she does good things for her peeps. I was a bit disappointed that when she brought the school choir up to sing with her, they did a spiritual. I know OK is solid red and she is very Christian, but I'm not sure that's an appropriate choice for a public school choir. They did a good job, though. I also liked that she continued her tradition of inviting a local to do For Good with her, but the girl she chose was just adequate. But it was a local girl, so props for that. All in all good, eclectic mix of numbers, and there were several well-deserved standing O's. The audience impressed me at one point by not bursting into applause after the intro to Over The Rainbow when they finally recognized what the song was. Because that's Dorothy country, and I bet they all know the intro by heart, as I do.

Nice thing about Tivo is I could FFF past the pledge drive and the commercials for the cruise line which underwrote the program.

Reheated a turkey leg and stuffing for dinner. Still yummy. Spook kept making "feed me" noises but she won't touch people food. She's been making a huge dent in the cat food, though.

Printed out two more checks to the tax collector, since I can't reach them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thursday Night Football

It was sooooo busy....

How busy was it? So busy that I didn't even start reading the daily Bangkok Post RSS feed until late afternoon.

A lot of that time was wasted looking for a pair of paired machines on which to run a bug fix test. The test was straightforward until the last step, which was so vague I had to run four separate tests, changing that last step for each of four possible interpretations. I hate it when my team members get creative with their vocabulary. So instead of it taking 10 minutes it took an hour.

And there was other stuff going on too, like one of the engineers working with me on a bug I found, which could be a bug in our machine or it could be a bug in my test tool.

On top of that there were long conversations with Automation Guy about the ugly new test tracking software, and with one of the newer team members who was transferred from the engineering group upstairs to the test group down the hall, about video encoders, the ugly new test tracking software, and the ugly new 49ers offensive play calling.

The weekly boss' boss' meeting was called off because there was too much work to do, but the team lead's meeting after that ran more than an hour instead of 30 minutes. Boss moderated, because team lead is one of the Guys Who Can't Stop Talking®. And even though it was just the core 10 test engineers, there was a lot of speaking out of turn. The meeting boiled down to this: If Engineering hasn't delivered a feature, QA can't test it, and there is nothing we can do about that which Boss hasn't already been doing for the past year. And on top of that we have this ugly new test tracking software which exacerbates the problem.

Lunch was clam chowder and a sticky bun at Specialty's, because even if their sandwiches are inedible and their salads are chopped so fine you need to eat them through a milkshake straw, it is eye candy central (I fell in love twice just walking from the parking lot), there are plenty of places to sit after 1 pm, and the sticky buns are to die for.

One reason I didn't get to RSS feeds until late was I was not at work till 10, because last night I had measured the hallway, and written the numbers on the white board, so when I saw the white board i the morning I was compelled to go online and shop for runner carpets. Found a pair at Penny's which should work fine, plus a small faux Oriental rug for the office.

Home, was tempted to stop off at Lowe's and look for a large faux oriental rug for the livingroom or piano room, but there was football on, so I didn't.

Switched between the Dallas/Chicago NFL game and the UCF/E. Carolina college game. The NFL game was pretty close at halftime, and then the Cowboys showed up big time, but then the Bears did a too little, too late resurrection. The college game at halftime UCF was clobbering EC, but with 2 minutes to go EC had come back to lead by 5. They forced a 4-and-out, and had the ball with 1:47 to go, and took a knee, which is when I figured they had won and flipped to NFL. Next commercial, back to NCAA, and EC had mis-timed running out the clock, ended up giving the ball back with 45 seconds left. 4th down, with 5 seconds left, UCF throws a long Mail Harry and wins with a touchdown. Gag me. Expect EC's coach and defensive coordinator to be toast Real Soon Now.

In other news, there has been a good response to my calendar photos, with the one getting the most votes kind of being a surprise. I almost didn't add it to the list because photographically, as far as composition and artistic merit goes, it has none. But it is one of the kinds of novelty pictures I like to be known for, so I think it will be the cover:

This was taken in the surfer's parking lot in Ventura, CA. Probably not related, but the next parking lot over was the swap meet.

I'll give it a week and then maybe have a vote between the ~ 20 most voted for (and any of my favorite favorites which did not get a vote).

Clam strips for dinner. They are just out of the oven, cooling a little.

Plans for tomorrow: