December 6th, 2014



Forgot to mention it, but yesterday at about dawn + 3 minutes I was woken up by a LOUD scream and an angry hiss. Walked clear across the house, to the front porch windows just in time to see a well-fed, collared, silver tabby. I've seen him around before. Wonder who he belongs to, because cats in the community are supposed to be indoor. He ran off when he saw me. Back to bed...

Saw him again this morning as I was leaving the carport door to go to work. I would call Animal Control, but he mostly goes places people can't squeeze into.

Kind of a fitful night. Spook started the night on the bed, but that only lasted a few minutes. At maybe 6 am she was playing with her favorite ball under the corner of the bed, at floor level. I think she may be an under the covers kind of cat, eventually.

Got to work early enough to claim a donut. No KKs this time, real glazed. The biggest culinary joy moving from the east to the west was leaving behind those cake donuts and discovering raised glazed donuts and maple bars. Dad loved those maple bars, and bear claws were also on his list. Back east he preferred danish.

Lots of work to do, and lots of news to read. I can't believe prosecutors don't have the guts to prosecute cops who kill people. There was one bright bit of cop news - two SF cops were sentenced to long prison stays for a laundry list of corruption charges in federal court.

No meetings, but the work I was doing was pure bureaucracy. Writing test steps for a new feature. I only got two of them done because I needed to do a lot of cut and paste between three windows, and also actually run the tests.

My weekly report covered last week's 3 days as well as this week, so it was a little longer than usual.

The local holiday party was announced earlier in the week, for 12/17, noon-ish, in the break room. Not in the brand new lavish break room in the just-opened building next door, but in our shabby one. I would not be surprised if they served pizza. I'm pretty disgusted with holiday parties in general, moreso by how cheap they are being when our group is making the a significant profit. So I'll be taking the day off.

One good thing, someone must have read my suggestion box note which slammed them for covering every square inch of wall and window space with decorations a month before each holiday. It was completely out of control with Halloween crap sloppily slapped into inappropriate places for all of October. There were very few T-day decorations, and they were not up till a week before, and so far no Jesus snowmen where last year it was a winter wonderland by now. Or maybe it's just that the woman in charge of decorations had abused the receptionist into doing most of the work, and now that we're not Motorola the receptionist is from a different contract security agency which won't put up with that crap.

Whatever the reason, I'm happy about the change, and especially happy that there are no holiday stickers on the showcase which holds our two Emmy awards.

Went home for lunch because I forgot my insulin pen. made bacon on sourdough English muffins sandwiches.

This morning before getting dressed I was on the PC looking for runner rugs for the hallway, and found some at JCPenney. LunchtimeI measured the part of the livingroom which could use an area rug and on the way home stopped at Lowe's but they were out of the pattern I wanted in the size I wanted. They also were out of the padded folding chairs I was going to buy for the dining room's Ikea table. Major WTF, they had a sign for the ones I wanted, on sale for $19, stock # ending in 73, but in front of the sign were five 4-pack boxes of the non-padded ones ending in 74. There was a single 73 parked on top of some folding tables, but I needed two.

At home I found what I wanted online. Took some searching.

Wore my "We love the king" yellow hat back from lunch (should have worn it all day, as it is the king's birthday today). A FB friend in Bangkok writes operas, and there was a performance today, most of the attendees wore yellow.

The maestro wore his yellow tails.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do some laundry
Mop the kitchen floor
Meet Janice for lunch at the Computer History Museum (member appreciation day)
Help her either get her new PC going or find a landfill for it
Maybe go to thePsychotronics film festival, but probably won't be done in time.

Didn't Nail It

Went to the nails place expecting them to be busy because they sent a flyer yesterday with discount coupons. They had not mass mailed before, and the prices were very good. And they were too busy to get my nails done, so I'll try again tomorrow.

Went home and fired up the TV for background noise and sat down at the PC to start the tedious process of locating all my calendar photo candidate originals and putting them all in one folder. The ones on FB and Flickr are greatly reduced resolution, but for the calendar I need the big files.

Got halfway done when it was time to get to the Computer History Museum. Member appreciation day, discounts at the cafe, so Janice was meeting me for lunch. It was so slow getting the food that we missed the Babbage engine demo I wanted to see, and the PL-1 demo was way too crowded. I had made a quick pass through the gift shop, and would have liked to do a thorough search, but J was complaining about not being able to play some videos on her PC which came from her new camera, so we went to her place. I installed vlc, which played them just fine, but she had shot many in vertical mode, and it took some searching to find the program's flipper.  Also got rid of her weather channel app, which was slowing down the machine. I thought I was going there to do all this on her new computer, but she hasn't set it up yet. :- ( At least I was able to show her the cleverly hidden windows easy transfer widget.

Too late to make it to Psychotronic, so I went home and finished the photo project. The next step will have to wait a few days, and pare down the candidate list according to the votes. Several photos have 3 or more votes. Way too many have at least one vote. October, as lemmozine has pointed out, is already chosen. It has at least 5 votes. As is the goat photo, which shall be the cover. I am disappointed that nobody voted for the beheaded king tableau:

Or the modern light rail in centuries-old city pic:

But I have been enjoying the selections. There are a few NASA alumni voting, which has been evidenced by their choices.

Watched some college football championships. Joe Montana's son was QB for Tulane for a few plays, and he sucked. The game was tied 3-3 at the end of the 3rd quarter. They lost 10-3. Joe and his wife were in the stands, they looked miserable.

Dinner was going to be macaroni and Velveeta, but as I was slicing the cheese, it proved to be defective. There were clusters of coarse salt crystals all through the center of the loaf. Not worth reporting, but very disappointing, I had to use American Singles slices, and threw in a piece of string cheese.

Speaking of cheeses, there is a market in Mountain View called the Milk Pail which goes by the motto "We are a European open air market". They have occupied the same small not-quite-the-corner for 25 years, and I sometimes go there for cheese, because they have the biggest selection of non-cow, non-crumbly cheeses anywhere. The whole area is being torn up and modernized, and the city planners have been not promising Milk Pail anything for the last 5. Milk Pail is not a European market, and it isn't open air. It is a lot of grocery products crammed into a space 1/4 of the size it needs, with aisles that only one person can walk through at a time, and a chaos theory cash register arrangement.

Bottom line for me is I would like to see them relocate to a larger space, and for that the city and the developers should give them some $$ and a deadline. There's an empty former Safeway right across the street which could be made into a food court with them occupying about 1/4 of the space. They currently have only 5 parking spaces, the ex-Safeway has a hundred. Or more.

In Spook news, she did it again, started the night on the bed, but abandoned me for the sofa. She has become a lot more playful, and I have been countering by being a lot more assertive in picking her up and holding her.

Did some laundry, after I finish this I'll load the dishwasher.

Plans for tomorrow: