December 10th, 2014


Busy Day

Work was busy. The good news is I was given a test machine, finally, the bad news is it only has one of 8 video ports connected. Also closed a bug and wrote/passed a test case.
Lunchtime was a trip to Valco JC Penny's which took way longer than it should because Wolfe Road is being excavated and is one narrow lane. And I forgot that Penny's returns department was downstairs, north entrance and parked in my usual place upstairs, south entrance. The two runner rugs were heavy. And it was a long wait, two people ahead of me who were trying to exchange things which were not in stock. But it was painless when I finally got helped, the clerk saw the rugs were different non-blue colors.

Wanted to eat something from the Asian fusion place in the way too small food court, but nobody was minding the store, so I did teriyaki beef next door, which was tasty, but all gristle.

Back to work, played with the new machine, and did some other work stuff. Automation guy wrote a neat program to show how busy a machine is, but there were typos, and it didn;t work on my PC. Something about a firewall.

Left at 5:30, and needed the whole half hour to get to the Computer History Museum because 101 was way slow. Got my badge, looked for the buffet in its usual place, but the usual place is now an exhibit area. Went upstairs, the lecture hall was closed and someone was standing guard so I went down to the HUGE and very beautiful main exhibit hall, saw all kinds of computers my dad had worked on, and some I had worked on in college. Back upstairs and found the buffet - the guy who had been standing guard had been standing in front of the sign pointing to the new grand hall. I got some bites, but they started clearing things away at 6:30, which was a FAIL because the lecture hall was still locked, and the caterers were pushing people out into a hallway when they could have waited 15 minutes. I need to send a nastygram.

The talk was very interesting, though hard to hear because the interviewer had a high, reedy voice and the interviewee had a very soft, low-pitched voice. If I had not been looking at a very tall woman, I would have thought I was listening to a short, fat shy man.

She is remarkable. Quit Stanford to start a company which will revolutionize medicine. Full lab tests with a single drop of blood. Their promo is impressive, wish I could find it online.

Home, Spook yelling at me. Weirdness, she comes running to the kitchen to where I'm pouring treats out for her, but then she waits till I turn my back before eating them.

Home, set my butt at the PC and made the difficult choices, paring down all those fine photos to 12 for the calendar. I'm still undecided about the cover. The goats got the most votes, but I like to have something more spectacular for the cover. If it doesn't make the cover it doesn't make it at all. After I picked the 12, I ran them through Photoshop to size them for the calendar. Tomorrow I'll check the originals on Flickr and make captions (they all have GPS information, so I know where they were taken). One of the tough decisions was about where they were taken. If I went just by votes, half the photos would be from Ventura. And I bounced a photo of my UK cousin guarded by his cat for one from Ghent. If I was going commercial with this, I would make a calendar for each place I visited this year.

The Duracell Powermat arrived. Wireless phone/tablet charging, but it isn't working with my phone's wireless charging adapter or the special back cover.

Plans for tomorrow:
Mercado Starbucks to see if the wireless charging adapter I bought there still works. It worked on their powermat, but not at home on the Brand X and not on the Duracell
There should be stuff delivered at home
Finish the calendar.
Plans for tomorrow