December 12th, 2014


Three and a Quarter

After a steady, hard rain all day and night, that's all the inches Sunnyvale has managed to accumulate. A little more than I expected but I still made the spread.
This morning when I was doing my morning routine, I made an extra sandwich because the rain was coming off the carport in torrents, and it seemed like a good idea to eat lunch in the break room at work instead of going out as I usually do. It was a good call. Drove via the surface streets, which was not a good call. Lots of lakes to drive through, and on one stretch I cheated into the 2-way-turn lane because being the center of the road it's the highest spot and not as flooded. One traffic light was out but it was the one at the most complicated intersection, with 3 lanes of traffic and 2 left-turn lanes in each direction. The good news is most people were being cautious but not paranoid. Except the assholes in Ford F150+++ trucks.

There was a waterfall to pass through at the employees' entrance because our incompetent ops people can't seem to find an awning company. Or a waterproof mat. Instead of working on that and the mildew problem in the hallway, they hung Jesus lights all day. Sheesh.

Work was fine, we had power and HVAC all day. Automation meeting in the morning and new product sync-up meeting in the afternoon. In the latter I brought down the house with my nickname for ApTest, our horrible new test tracking software which was imposed on us from above.

It was still raining at 6 when I left work, figured it wouldn't be flooded on Great America Parkway or the Mercado, so I went there to the Walmart grocery, since I was down to my last frozen dinner, out of limes and out of bananas and, worse still, out of donettes and ding dongs. Well, they were out of ding dongs too, so I took a risk and bought a box of the Little Debbie knock-offs. And ho-hos. All in all I spent $80 and wasted 90 minutes. I thought the rain would be done by then, but it wasn't. Still isn't.

Home, put the groceries away, gave Spook some treats (she gobbled them up in front of me), watched the last quarter of the Rams/Cardinals game. Horrible low scoring mess.

Got locked out of my account on the calendar printers' site - for some reason it kept rejecting my password. I was using the right one. Had to reset it, then change it back to what I had written down.  This morning before work, they phoned, I explained the problem to a nice lady named Emily who has a Minnesota accent even though she is calling from Montana, and she seemed to get it, but all she would commit to was telling her boss. The issue is simple: I placed an order by mistake on a page which assumed I wanted them to do the design, and when I saw it would not let me customize anything I went back, found the design-it-yourself page, and did it the right way, but I ended by saving the design and asking for a quote instead of ordering it. So I told Emily I wanted the first order canceled, and the quote made into an order.

This afternoon I got automated confirmation that my order was being processed. Not what I wanted to see. So I tried to log in from work, but it kept misreading my password and locked me out.

Anyhow, once online I  was able to remove the blank design which I think was attached to that incorrect order, and saw the right design was still there. I replied to the order confirmation email asking them to let me know what's happening.

Out of all the things I ordered the last 2 weeks, the only thing delivered today was the box of a dozen packs of Werther's sugar free caramels.

While watching the game, I knocked over a full glass of cola, all over a lot of small electronics. Remotes, chargers, etc. Took a lot of paper towels and too much work to clean up. But now the top of the table is neater than ever.

Also during football fired up the laptop and did the usual updates.

The Samsung tablet is mostly up and running. I was surprised that it had slurped up the password for the work guest wi-fi network from the Nexus' backups. It had not done that with my home wi-fi. It has been sluggish responding to touch, which is also a problem with the Nexus. Maybe it's me. Maybe my hands are not capacitive enough? One wonders.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Maybe. Depends on the road conditions because if I knew yesterday how messed up they would be I would have stayed home. Trouble is the work I'm doing needs to be done at work. I'm testing teletext and subtitles, and I don't think that will play over the VPN. I suppose I can try. The new company's VPN is a lot more open than the one Google and Motorola had shoved up our...I mean given us.