December 13th, 2014


Quickly, Need To Go To Bed Early

Want to be out of here by 8:30 to be at Star Trek by 9 to see 10 am makeup demo. Can't be staying up till 2 am again. Nap time this evening was less than an hour...

Got to work early enough to grab an alleged bagel. Noah's has stopped making bagels and now makes bagel-shaped dinner rolls. And they have the chutzpah to advertise them as "soft bagels" as if that was a Good Thing™. Feh.

Lots of work at work, and I even did some.

Called the calendar printer, spoke to Emily again because they had sent me a proof of the wrong calendar which I had called her about yesterday. She said she would talk to the person who was assigned to that order and call me back, but she didn't. Didn't email either. Montana, so they might have already gone home. Frustrating because I'm already past my deadline.

Lunch was at Sizzler. Usually it's large people central (not just fatties like me, but also linebackers for the NFL/WFL) but today there was much eye candy, including one woman who took my breath away. 5 feet tall, perfect figure, in a mostly unzipped tight sweater over a form fitting T-shirt and jeans which may have been blow-dried onto her perfect bottom. Sigh.

Straight home, watched a tiny bit of high school football championships (2 of them)

Gave Spook treats. She meowed for them, and snarfed them up as soon as I poured them out. She wanted to poke her head in and eat them right from the bag.

Took a nap. Spook joined me for a few nanoseconds, then went back to paying with her toys.

Two deliveries - the small accent rug from JCP and a pair of padded folding chairs for the dining table. Both items look excellent.

Online, ordered jeans (I have gained a size. :-()
Also ordered a Raiders Howard T-shirt (#77) and a Seahawks 12 t-shirt. Had to pay too much for that because all the off the shelf ones say "fan" on the back and I did not want that. They would not let me leave the name off so it will say TWELVE.

Plans for tomorrow:
Star Trek Convention at Burlingame Hyatt. I don't like to go to these commercial ones, but need some fan jewelry for a gift for someone in the UK. And there are some interesting presentations. The barrage of stars was today, tomorrow is for the non-idolators.