December 14th, 2014


Score, and not so score

Had a major night sweats soaking, woke me up at 1:30 am. Back to sleep, woke up 3 or 4 times during the night. Spook was parked on the bed half of those times. When I was in bed reading, she brought me her toy mouse.

Got up at 7, hoping to be out of the house by 8:30 and at the con by 9. That happened, but it was a close call because Norton was telling me it had expired, and wanted $49. Logged into, and downloaded this year's free version. It took way too long to remove the old one and install the new one. And after rebooting it wanted to install some more.

Got to the Hyatt, parking was not too much of a problem.

Had to stand in line for 15 minutes to convert my ticket to a wrist band. Had to shoo some people out of the way who were in line for photo ops so I could get to the dealer's room. Found Springtime Creations, talked to Dave & Spring, and looked for an appropriate gift for Hazel. It took way too long, and I finally found a charm bracelet which was tricked out to be a necklace, with three Dr. Who theme charms. Spring was kind enough to convert it to a bracelet, and add two more charms. She was done just in time for me to make it to the main hall for the makeup demo.

The demo was okay, but not what I expected. I was hoping for a full professional Trek-style makeup job, but he was actually doing a demo on how a fan can make an affordable trek alien. And he cheated by bringing a pre-made forehead piece. We may have lost out on a better demo because the fan volunteer was allergic to latex. WTF? Someone needed to do a better job of screening. Anyhow, he didn't do anything I haven't done myself for community theater. Less, actually. But he is a very entertaining presenter, when he isn't knocking his mike off of his ear.

Next up was Ensign Kim from Voyager. Never been a fan of voyager or that thing Blackula is in. Anyhow, he did a pretty good stand-up routine and took lots of questions, and he's a lot more human in real life. And then we were inflicted with the holographic doctor, who mostly talked about B- horror movies he was in. And answered a few questions.

He was followed by someone who was billed as showing us some of the secret cut scenes from Star Trek movies, but what he showed were stills and script excerpts, which he read to us from the screen. A good presenter, but the content wasn't even close to what was hyped.

Chase Masterson was another speaker, she started with a song, and audience members left in droves. She chatted for a bit, took a lot of questions and closed with two songs. She's as pretty as ever, and as not-quite-ready-for-prime-time a singer as ever.

The last thing I stayed for was billed as the science of Star Trek, and again the presenter was entertaining, but all he did was Relativity 101, most of which is ignored in ST. Again, nowhere near the content which was promised.

I wouldn't say it was $12.50 (plus $10 for parking) which I'll never get back, but I'm glad I didn't invest in a gold ticket. Which reminds me, since I had one of the cheap tickets, I had to sit WAY in the back. 5 rows from the back wall. Behind Row R. People were constantly walking across the room, very annoying.

Bottom line is I mostly went for the gift for Hazel, and anything else was a bonus. One bonus was the constant supply of eye candy. One huge diff between a fan-run con and a commercial Trekkie con is the whole ST series is seriously sexist. Except for Voyager, which has a captain whose personality and voice is the antidote for a whole case of Viagra®. I guess it's better for women, what with Chipotele, or whatever that one hot guy's name is. 

Drove home instead of staying for the costume parade, because it was basically a hall costume show, and what I saw in the hall was not worth staying for. Almost everyone was in a Federation uniform, with a Kardashian or two. Not even a Ferengi.

Did not get a lot of photos. I took a bunch of the makeup demo, but between the lack of light, the distance and the boring results, I'm not going to share them.

Home by way of the gas station. The runner rug was waiting on the carport landing. I was going to put it off till tomorrow, but since I was home early I  rolled them both out. Spook immediately adopted them. She likes the one in the livingroom best, but I think that's mostly location.

Dinner was wings and veggies from bags of frozen, followed by coffee ice cream.

Wrote a thank-you letter to go with Hazel's present, and went online and printed out a label with postage and customs info. Need to get a box at the PO Monday. I have a pile of domestic priority mail ones, but they have changed to domestic/international - new design.

Watched the last two episodes of Shark Tank, and was pleased that some of the sharks have finally shown some smarts and invested in start-ups.

In other news, it drizzled a little this morning, but the sky is relatively clear now. Things have mostly dried out, and it is still relatively warm, some of my roses have bloomed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sunnyvale Library centennial
Coffee with Janice
Confirm some snailmail addresses for people who have moved since the last calendar.