December 20th, 2014


Day 5 of 7

At work in time for krispy kreme. whomever bought them has no imagination, only got the round glazed chocolate and maple, equal numbers of each. Those aren't donuts, those are sugar coated air.

Spent most of the day trying to get the IT guy to step away from the device he was supposed to set up for me a month ago. He didn't get it that I need to be the admin on it, and change settings myself as I run different tests. Turns out the cisco switch he got for me is a PIA to configure, and he never did get it right. Neither did I. I was hoping for a web interface, but all he had was a command line. I forgot to see if it responds to a web call. Monday...

Took a long time to do my weekly report because most of my work this week was re-testing stuff in the opposite order to testing them.

Lunch was a trip to Shabuway with some of the team. Our two Chinese woman joined us for a change, Shabuway is just Japanese for Chinese hot pot. Good to get to talk to them socially. Also at my table was the one other American, who is married to a Chinese woman. The Puerto Rican and Filipino guys were at another table (the place was not that crowded when we got there, but they didn't manage the seating to make room for larger groups).  Fairly good meal. 

Went to Best Buy and left with a Lenovo ultrabook. It's an ugly color, but that can be changed. It doesn't have a fingerprint scanner but it allegedly does face recognition. No LAN port, but I can get a USB dongle for that. It has the high speed wifi I needed. Lightweight. Been battling with "easy" windows transfer, which doesn't work over the network on Widows 8. Tomorrow I think I'll hit Fry's for the cable. Or maybe a Windows 7 disk. The one I have is not bootable. :-(

 I was able to back up the Toshiba to my NAS drive, but in Win8 the file transfer program won't recognize a mapped drive. Boo, hiss.

Looking online, I may be stuck with Win8 because drivers. I was able to nuke a lot of the clutter from the home page.

So much time wasted on this.

Plans for tomorrow:
Haircut? Massage?
coffee with Janice