December 22nd, 2014


Three loads

One of the best things about the house is the washer and dryer, which means I don't have to guard my laundry while it is washing and drying. Today started last night when I saw the Lenovo has a button called the "novo" button and I wondered what it did. It's next to the power button so I figured it was a reset. Just before going to sleep I looked it up on the tablet, and it was what I had been looking for. It's what allows access to the BIOS. And the BIOS let me do two things which were needed to replace Loser-dows 8.1 with Win7. Thing the first: support older OSes. From what I understand this also includes linux and Mac OS. Maybe. But for sure Win7. Thing the second was to recognize the USB disk drive as a bootable drive.

And from there it was relatively easy to boot from my Win7 install DVD and then do a files and settings transfer from the Toshiba Win7 machine.

It took some doing to install Office 365, and even more to install Photoshop, but I know all the tricks, so those are done. With the files transfer Outlook retained all its email accounts and folders. I have an extensive folder system.

The bluetooth mouse is not working, though the installation of BT drivers went well, and it says my mouse is working from the system POV, but it isn't. Others are reporting this, it's a Lenovo thing.

And the Toshiba fingerprint scanner prompt won't go away. The Lenovo doesn't have one, but it got transferred anyway. Anyhow, I'll be installing stuff for a couple of days, a little at a time.

1 pm, drove to Hillbarn Theater in Foster City, the highest row in a more than packed house. There were chairs set up in the aisles which were paid seats. The spotlight loft was another balcony with about 5 seats. Where I was sitting was a row meant to be reserved for director/ tech staff, just below the tech booth. The audience seating is steeply ramped, there are no bad seats.

The show was White Christmas, and I went because one of the stars is a friend from a few years ago Palo Alto Players. She is DDG, redhead, piercing blue eyes, and a voice which can stop birds in mid-air at 20 yards. Amazing pipes.

The stage play is a little different from the movie (one of my favorites) because it's impractical to march in 1500 men in WWII arm uniforms for the finale. Several songs were added -  I Love A Piano (which became a major tap number), Let Me Sing And I'm Happy (sung by the general's assistant at the inn, who is now Ethel Merman, and by the general's granddaughter, who wants to be Baby June, instead of by the male leads), Falling Out Of Love Can Be Fun, How Deep Is The Ocean, I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. Missing was Heat Wave, the minstrel show medley, Choreography, and the biggest WTF which really needed to be in there, Gee, I Wish I Was Back in the Army.

A very strong cast, lots of dancing, well rehearsed and the last of a very long run which was completely sold out. So it was real glaring when the general's assistant blew some of her first lines and forgot the words at a couple of places in her songs. She was not up to the professional level of all the other leads.

OTOH, the two male leads are Equity, my friend Melissa is a full time actress, and the other female lead attended Pacific Conservatory, which is kind of a local Juliard wanna-be.

After the show I waited for Melissa and was blown away that she was very happy to see me - she came back to chat after dumping her stuff in her car (closing show, so stuff goes home).  She's doing a benefit which I'll try to get to the city to see, Gentlemen Prefer Redheads. I saw the first one, and it was great.

So, home, continued the laptop work, and watched the Seahawks game on Tivo delay, but pretty close to real time. They were very good, especially during the last half. Totally blew away Arizona at home. Not really fair because AZ was down to its 12th string QB.

Some gripes about the commentators:
- They never shut up.
- Very often the talk about things which have nothing to do with the current game, or are so peripheral that it belongs in SportsCenter not in the game
- I really don't need to know every statistic about every player
- Playing clips from other games the teams have played is really confusing
- Playing clips of a play from 2001 which that last play reminded you of is obnoxious
- Why is it that every time you zoom in on a coach or player on the sidelines, he is spitting or blowing snot out of his nose?
- You don't have to replay every play 4 times. Or the ones under review 12 times. And 4 more times coming back from commercial
- No, every player who just caught a pass is not the best player who ever lived.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch MNF on Tivo