December 23rd, 2014


Well, that just happened

Win7 on the Lenovo was not working gracefully, bluetooth was the showstopper because my mouse is bluetooth (I am mostly inept with a touchpad) so this morning I resolved to set it back to factory defaults and return it.

After spending a lot of my down-time today on various web sites searching for a new laptop which is comparable but has more storage than my current one, I was coming close to shelling out almost $2k on another Toshiba. But when I got home from BASFA tonight I stumbled across the term "mSATA" which is what I thought I had bought from Toshiba, but looking at the package, no I had bought a thin 2.5" wide SATA III. Toshiba doesn't sell any mSATA drives anymore, but that's what's in my machine. A little searching showed that Samsung and Crucial make them as big as 1TB. And even though 1TB costs less than twice what a 500GB does, it's not much less. So I have ordered a 500 from an eBay seller for about $250. I already doubled the size of the RAM, so this will save me from buying a new laptop. The bad news it it won't arrive until after New Year's.

So I fired up the Toshiba, downloaded the new Norton's from Comcast and ran the update, and went online and de-activated Office 365 from the Lenovo.

Work was busy in the morning, I had to rebuild a video stream on a current machine which had 25 subtitle streams, forward that to the new machine and answer some questions for the program manager about a bug I filed. I personally think the requirement to have the machine allow 24 subtitles and refuse #25 is silly because there aren't any set top boxes which support nearly that many. The most I have seen is 5, and the most my analyzer can show is 16. Can you think of any TV region in the world which would want subtitles in 16 different languages? I can't.

The rest of the day was somewhat lost because we didn't have enough people not on vacation to hold two meetings, and my new machine wouldn't stay online long enough to run any tests. Boss went around to those of us who are here this week, and we all gave the latest build a thumbs down. I'm not sure how many engineers are in this week, we get Wed-Thu off, many are adding Fri. But many of our engineers are Hindu and Muslim, and don't do Xmas. They do celebrate NY, which we will again have Wed-Thu off for. I decided to take Fri, and will see if I can get a train ride to Reno for the 3-day weekend. Maybe. They changed the return schedule dramatically. It used to be arrive and depart at around 4 pm, but now the depart is more like 4 am. I think. I'll have to look it up.

Lunch was at Specialty's, and again they were out of sticky buns. You would think they would have learned by now. Spent a lot of time at the kiosk because hitting a button by mistake showed me that the do not require all sandwiches to be on inedible bread-like substance with a pile of sprouts. One pull-down menu I had not noticed before has a choice of many kinds of bread. One can completely custom build a sandwich. So I did.

And as usual there were many nice bottoms to view. I will be going back regularly now.

Home after work, wiped the Lenovo back to factory defaults, boxed it up, found the receipt and parked that by the carport door for tomorrow

Watched some of MNF, but not much because of the Lenovo stuff, and I wanted to get to BASFA by 7:30. Finally johnnyeponymous and his new One True Love were there, I gave him their anniversary gifts, which they opened after the meeting, and seemed to get a kick out of. Those were the two books I bought from lemmozine a while back.

It was a fun meeting, though the usual loudmouths were making it hard for me to hear.

Home, loaded the dishwasher so there would be room in the sink to dump out the cat fountain, which again inexplicably had little black specks all over the bottom. Looked like some kind of bug from 3 feet away, but up close not so much. I have no idea what they are. Spook doesn't seem to have fleas or anything, I checked her white tummy and there's nothing amiss there. And she isn't scratching, and she grooms herself a lot. The only thing I can think of is maybe something falling from the ceiling?

Well, at least now she has fresh water.

She was on the kitchen table trying to figure out what the big Mason jar with three lemongrass stalks was doing up there. Three days on, they are just starting to root. It has been warm and wet enough to plant more in the front yard, next to the hedge. (There are three hedge bushes where there used to be 4).

Plans for tomorrow:
Best Buy (maybe at lunchtime to avoid the crowds)
Watch MNF on Tivo & generally catch up.
No work day after tomorrow or Thursday. Something about some dead guy.