December 24th, 2014


Virtual Thursday?

We have no work Wed-Thurs, but Friday is a work day. Makes no sense to me. Give us the 4-day weekend, and let those people who need to travel early take a vacation day. So I'll be working Friday.

However, I will not be working January 2, taking a vacation day to be on the California Zephyr from Emeryville. Unfortunately I will have to drive there because (a) there is bound to be no parking at San Jose Amtrak and (b) all the bus/train connections to EMY mean leaving way too early.  Hopefully there will be snow on the trees by then.

This morning when I woke up there were more little blister-like things on the back of my right hand, and my head felt like there was slightly bumpy stuff on it. I called the advice nurse, who punted and had my doctor call me, who punted and had me come in tomorrow to have it photographed.

Here it is 11 pm and there are more of them, ranging from pinpoints to 1/4", and they are also on my forehead. There are also two big blisters on the bottom of my left foot, near the arch, but I think those are from where Spook clawed my foot this morning. I need to keep the water squirter near the bed, she had decided my feet under the covers are The Enemy, usually at 5 or 6 am.

Work was a combo of getting things done and not. I needed a particular type of video stream with a specific kind of subtitles, and while I found about a dozen in our library which said that's what they were, they were all dummies. The person who built these had merely reserved space in the video for subtitles, and labeled them (spanish, english and french) but there were no actual words to appear on the screen. We do have tests which use streams like that, but I needed to play the subtitles for at least overnight and see if they were still in sync with the video/audio. Subtitles have a way of drifting, sometimes. It took hours to look at all those promising videos in the analyzer, because each one had about 10 programs, each with its set of subtitles.

And I managed to crash the new test database software. Boss asked around and others, including him, have crashed it too. The guy who is our contact is out till 2015.

Lunchtime was Best Buy, where there were only 2 people in line ahead of me, so it only took a few minutes to return the Lenovo. Got a full refund.

Walked down the block to Walgreen's and got Breathe-right strips and a set of brush heads for my electric toothbrush.

Fresh & Easy on the way home, because I miss their cherry chocolate chunk ice cream, and all the house brands were on sale. Also got coconut pineapple which I think will be my new year's new food choice.

Wanted to have more disk space in the PC for Reno, so I ordered a 1TB drive which should arrive Saturday. When the 500GB one gets her next year I'll sell it on eBay. I should be able to get the same price for it, if not more.

Got a yearly newsletter in the shape of a christmas card from a long time theater friend who married a mundane and moved to the east coast. It's more Jesusy than he is, I blame his wife.

Watched, mostly muted and mostly in slow FF, last night's MNF game. It was pretty good. Had to mute it because the commentators kept rooting for the Manning, even though he was doing a crappy job. He lost, thanks to a 3rd interception with about 2 minutes to go.

Tomorrow I plan to spend most of the day vegging. I have some very nice Plantronics noise-canceling wireless headphones which work well with my phone, I need to pair it with the tablet.

Maybe I'll hang out at the local Specialty's. I'll have to check their hours. There are lots of movies worth seeing, but I'm not in the mood.

Lyric send out an audition notice for a show which has non-dancing men's ensemble parts. I may try out. It's about a month away.

Already mentioned plans for tomorrow.