December 26th, 2014


Sick Transit

Actually, no transit, I didn't leave the house today. Didn't even check the mail. I did venture onto the porch a couple of times, to watch nothing and feel the too-cold-to-stay-long. Woke up early, but after a quick pit stop I went back to sleep.

I got Things done, though. Re-listed my extra cell phone on eBay, bought some stuff there too. Watched an episode of TMZ, and some high school and college football reruns.

Made another batch or candied orange peels, threw in a banana peel just the see (it was like leather, so FAIL). A lot of that was done listening to tunes from my phone on the bluetooth headphones. The TV was on, and the alleged nose canceling was too lame to block it. For what those things cost, that feature needs to work, so I may be sending them back. I'll try them at work tomorrow, and make a decision. They are also kind of heavy, and are not comfortable after 90 minutes. They sound good, though, and the BT connection was mostly flawless.

Spent a lot of time on FB and Twitter and Instagram. Checked into ello, but there was nothing exciting there, and the model they are using is a total non-starter.

Pushed the blu-ray DVD of Water For Elephants into the fairly new Sony player, and it kept skipping and going out of sync. Tried it in the PC and it played fine. I hardly use the DVD player anymore. Updated the firmware and it still played poorly. Pausing and restarting cleared it up for a while. Finally halfway through it played right until the end.

I loved the book. It is among my very top favorites. I love how the book starts in the home with the difficult old cantankerous man, and show us how he gets to the circus. There are some great scenes in that part. The movie, unfortunately, starts with him at the circus, and the home is never seen, and there is a lot at the start of the movie to make you believe the home doesn't exist, and the old man doesn't know where he came from. But at the end it is clear it exists and he knows its name.

Other than that, it is very true to the book, and the magic of movies happens where all the characters are played by actual people, which made a lot of the story more real for me. Hal Holbrook is perfect as the old man, Reese Witherspoon is excellent as the Featured Attraction, and almost everyone else is somewhere between excellent and adequate. Unfortunately, they played the Nazi card, and cast Austrian actor Christoph Waltz as the ringmaster. His Germanic accent keeps busting through his not very good American accent, and since he's a wife-beating, greed-driven monster, I'm sure the director chose this intentionally. For me, though, he was entirely unconvincing. Sets, costumes, stunts were great. Audio editing had its moments, video editing and continuity left something to be desired. Jim Norton played Camel, the old man addicted to wood alcohol, in the best tradition of Fine Acting. Though he's Irish, his American accent was flawless. Which is interesting, because the character could easily have been played as Irish. Which makes me even more suspicious of Waltz's accent.

No deliveries, of course, today, but I'm expecting one or three tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow: