December 27th, 2014


Forgot to go 10 rounds with Cassius Clay

But I did make it a real boxing day by boxing up two items, one from Amazon and one from Toshiba, to return for a refund.

The Plantronics headphones were first, because the more I thought about it, the more I remembered that the sole reason I spent > $200 was for the noise canceling feature, which barely worked. I had the TV on in the next room, not all that loud, background noise, and when I flipped on the noise cancel switch it only reduced the sound by about 1/4 dB, making it too soft to make out any words, but still annoying. And it wouldn't connect with either of my tablets, both of which have bluetooth and saw other BT devices in the room. And they are heavy, which means good bass, but also uncomfortable for the long haul.

The Toshiba SSD drive was next, it's the wrong size.

Delivered today was the right sized 1TB mSATA drive. There are three possible plans for that: Collapse )

Also delivered was a pair of T-shirts from the NFL. A Seahawks logo on front with the number 12 and the name TWELVE on the back. A raiders helmet on the front, the number 77 and the name HOWARD on the back. Austin Howard wears #77 for Oakland. I already have a HOWARD Seahawks jesey.

And in the mail was a padded envelope with something inside it. Oh yeah, a replacement for my car alarm remote. I'd dropped the remote in just the right way to chip off the piece which locks the battery door in place. Tape was the work-around. It came with instructions on how to pair it to the car alarm which were so clear it worked the first time. Amazing, that.

In the mailbox was a cute holiday card from my US nephew, showing his son on  both sides. The kid is very photogenic, unlike his 22 Israeli counterparts.

And in the park's mail tube was the rent/utilities bill. Both electric & gas went up dramatically, but that's to be expected because the furnace uses both, which the aircon does not. And the weather had not called for either for much of last month. And it's still less than I was paying at the apartment, go figure.

Watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special - thought I had missed recording it because Tivo did not have it listed as such, it had the rerun in the hour before it listed as a 2-hour show. And when I did a manual recording for each hour, it recorded it twice, with the same wrong guide info.

I usually watch Who on Tivo because I need the closed captioning turned on (audio mixing and actor enunciation is horrible on that show, plus there are the accents), and for similar reasons instant replay is mandatory. This time I had to rewind a couple of times to see if I had missed something, or if it was just poor writing. And once I did an instant replay because the line was so good I needed to hear it again.

My review, as posted on FB doesn't need editing for this crowd, I don't think there are any spoilers except for the opening line.

There were some LOL moments, but it was basically
[Spoiler (click to open)] a rip-off of Inception.
Capaldi's Doctor continues to be frenetic to a fault, and in this episode we can add needlessly rude and aggressive.

Santa gets my vote for head and shoulders the best actor on the set, and is played by a gentleman whose actual birth name is Nicholas John Frost. He goes by Nick. And he had many of the best lines, the lucky sod.

Jenna Coleman continues to be the doe-eyed Clara who is easy on the eyes, if your eyes are 15 years old.

Getting my best supporting actress vote is Faye Marsay, whose character would have benefited from some piercings and neon hair, but she got the message across without that.

As hoped for, a better episode than the rest of the season, but this time only by a very little. IMHO what saved it from disaster was the lack of a Matt Smith appearance.

Spent some time updating and adding addresses to my calendar mailing list. lemmozine, I think yours will be on the book shipment, but if you don't think those will get to sunny California by the 31st, feel free to email it to me: howeird at howeird dot com.

filkferengi, if you want one, send me your address too.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fry's, look for mSATA cables
Install the new SDD into the laptop
Meet Janice @ Starbucks