December 28th, 2014


I knew it would be a grind, but...

I also expected that after I cloned the 1TB drive from the 128GB one, it would boot up in the laptop, which it did not do.

To be fair, I cheated, and attached the drive unformatted, uninitialized to a USB adapter, but the LapLink drive image software appeared to recognize it as such, and went through the clone routine while I was out having Starbucks with Janice. I'd set the program to shut down the laptop when it was done, and it did.

So to back up, this morning's adventures started with a trip to UPS, guided by my GPS which made the mistake of guiding me to the nearest one, which I forgot was there. I kept trying to correct the mistake by heading for the one I where used to have  PO box, which is halfway between work and my 2012 address. I finally gave in and let it bring me to the nearest one, and was rewarded with a long line, but a counter person who let me just drop the stuff off since it was all labeled and ready to ship. And a bigger reward is the café next door is one of the few which make real Napoleons from flaky layered Phyllo dough and not corrugated cardboard like they serve in the café next to the Mountain View Center for the Reforming Tarts. I bought 2 to go, and went. To Petco, where it took a long long time to find a real flea comb and the Frontline knockoff flea/tick medicine. But it was also near the hidden toy rack which had a whole rung of the little mouse toys which baby sister sent me and Spook loves so much it hardly has any of its tail left.

The reason for the flea/tick stuff is mysteriously tiny black bugs have been committing suicide in Spook's water fountain, as many as 5 a day. Usually after two of three days of cleaning the fountain. I had seen these bugs the last time I emptied the vacuum, and I'm pretty sure they came with the house, are in the carpet. I don't see them flying around but they are very small and maybe too small to see in the air. I sprayed Raid on the garbage, washed out the vacuum and sprayed it too, so I thought maybe they were in Spook's fur.

Next stop, Fry's, where they did not have any mSATA cables but they did have little enclosures about the size of a zippo lighter, the guts of which was just what I needed. I bought 2 just in case I needed to take the one out of the laptop to do the cloning, but it looks like that won't be required.

Home, checked the mail. The 500GB mSATA SSD from eBay was there. I'll be selling that. Also  slip from the PO saying I could pick up a package. Drove there immediately, but it was 3 pm and the PO closes at 1 pm on Saturdays, and is closed Sundays. :-(

Home again, opened up the mSATA enclosure, took out the innards, snapped in the 1TB drive, plugged it into the USB3.0 connector on the laptop and started the cloning operation. It showed the external drive as uninitialized 1TB, and accepted all the commands to clone it from the drive in the laptop. That done, it was time to head for MV and meet Janice for coffee, and to give her the DVDs she asked me to make for her and the twins. And she gave me a present from her last trip, a T-shirt which says:

Back home, the laptop was powered off, so I opened it up and swapped in the 1TB drive. And it wouldn't boot.

So, swapped back, booted, went into Disk Manager and formatted the 1TB drive, which took a couple of hours. And tried the clone again. Took 4 tries to get the right options set. It just finished (11:40 pm). Next step is to see what disk manager thinks, if it is bootable or not (the clone log seems to think not). I may need to punt, and put it into the laptop and re-install Windows from a boot DVD. And then do a transfer from the original drive plugged into the USB adapter.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to the movies. Into The Woods? 12:30 is the first show.
Maybe more futzing with the laptop
If Kenny sends me his address (or I find it in my email stash) I'll print out the labels for mailing the calendars and prepare the envelopes.
More football