December 29th, 2014


It's late, I'll write more some other time

In a nutshell:
After 3 failures, finally got the 1TB micro SSD drive cloned and running in the laptop.
Saw Into The Woods, it was mostly good, though very different casting than I expected. There were important bits cut out, but they made up for a lot by making full use of it being a movie with real locations and special effects.

Hopped CalTrain and then BART (big mistake, that thing is deafeningly loud) to SF to meet up with a long time Seattle friend. Interesting guy who quit being a Russian major one class short of a degree to become an architect. He now work for a sign shop, and is en route to a folksingers' convention. I used to go to sing alongs at his house during high school and college. He has many siblings, and his dad was a Jew from Ireland. Anyhow nice to catch up.

Back home via Muni and Caltrain.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post office
Home if the calendars are delivered before lunchtime
BASFA. I have cat food for maurinestarkey