Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long Day, longer night

Nothing to do today. Had to delay lunch by half an hour because there was a ping pong final, the place was SRO. Nuked my spaghetti & meat sauce - interesting that the same brand with meatballs had lots more salt. Mango for dessert, brought along a soup spoon to scoop it out of the halves, in the skin. Yummy.

Munched on pistachios all day, some from home some from the break room.

4:30 Boss comes in all about some tests she wanted run on the crap TV, two out of three I had run and emailed her at the time. Confused the hell out of me. #3 was a bug she had found with NP but had not bothered to tell me about.

I bailed right after that so I wouldn't get trapped by amphitheater traffic control. Needed to get across Shoreline to CHM. Parked there, walked across to Starbucks and met Janice will 6:30, then CHM for the sci fi short movie festival. It was the same one from Worldcon plus one more, but due to Worldcon having the movies 4 blocks from the con hall and me having a panel I needed to be at, I missed all but the last 5 or so. Audio at CHM was awful, I couldn't make out half the dialog. Good thing most of them either didn't have any or had subtitles.

That was true of my favorite one, Multiverse Dating For Beginners.

Home, nothing delivered. Printed the rent check. Will bring it in tomorrow and see if I can trade the 10-year lease agreement for a 5-year.

Dinner was skinless chicken thigh in broth with shrimp won tons. Bland, even with the basil leaves.

Watched PTI and the very short interview with the new Doctor. Channel surfed but Geico is everywhere.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe do some cooking.
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