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So my cable modem, which is 3.0 and 4 years old has been cutting out a lot, and very slow. Comcast resets it by remote control and it's fine for a while. They say there are not issues in my area. So I spent some time online at work to find as newer better modem, but realized I did not know which model I had, and since I had not bought it online I had no way to check from work.

When I got home I spent some time online and ran into a nose/spite/face issue. The most suggested modems were Motorola and Arris. And thereby hangs a tale. The part of Motorola which made modems was bought by Arris. So was the part I worked for. After they laid us all off, I did not want to buy any of their products. While I was at Arris, August 2014, I beta tested their SBG6700-AC modem and it worked great. But it was also a wi-fi router and I wanted those separate - more ethernet ports that way. But it's a 3.0, so not an option anyway.

Current one is a Netgear C600, so I ordered a C1100. Should see it tomorrow or Sunday.

It will be a bit of a PIA, because I'll have to change the IP addresses of all the web cams on my web site & on the phone & tablet because new modem gets a new IP, which is used by port forwarding. I think the router settings stay the same.


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