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Cook Like A Master Chef Day

Since I packed all my events into yesterday and was up reading till 3 am, and there was very little on my agenda, I shopped for All The Things and cooked. And watched football. And twitched.

The alarm went off at 9, and I told Google Home to shut up and slept till 10. Which annoyed me somewhat because I wanted to scan the lease agreement & take it to the community center to be signed at 10.

At about 11:30 I got to the center, dropped off the rent, but the manager was AWOL as advertised, and the receptionist did not have any of the shorter term leases to give me. Apparently the game plan for the park was 10-year leases for everyone. That's the opposite of how it's usually done - usually when your long term first lease is over, you get to go year-to-year by default. They do offer that, as well as month-to-month, but I'd be okay with another 5-year, I think. The one thing which made me not want the 10-year is a clause buried in the back of the lease which says that if you sell the house, the buyer is obligated to take over the lease. It makes the place harder to sell, and I don't see myself staying here another 10 years. Or even another 5, actually. Anyhow, I'll try again next Saturday before the photo shoot. PIA because every one of the 47 pages has to be initialed. Effing lawyers.

Next stop: Grocery Outlet because while I had all the raw chicken in the freezer for several recipes, I had none of the veggies which would un-bland them. Celery, carrots, peeled garlic cloves, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms.

Also got strawberries and grapes, because GO has great prices, and a quart of 2%, and chocolate mochi, and I found a shepherd's pie frozen lunch which was only 500 g of sodium. They did not have any frozen breaded fish fillets, but they did have a new to me brand of clam chowder and crab bisque. Dark chocolate milanos were on sale, and since I had not yet eaten and was running low on blood sugar, I bought a pack and ate some on my way home. Also got some packs of seaweed, low sodium (I was surprised), and walnut halves. Rye bread and big croissants too. I should have bought Swiss cheese but ruled that out till the one slice in the fridge was consumed.

Home, put away all the things, mostly. Cut a croissant in half, inserted American cheese and beef bologna, and nuked that for lunch. Then I got out the mango splitter and de-pitted 8 very ripe ones, sliced the innards into chunks and put them in two storage tubs in the fridge.** I felt bad about all the mango juice I didn't save.

Filled all the hummingbird feeders. No red this time.

The cats have been having fun figuring out the new arrangements. I moved one platform back to where it was before I moved the tree from the guest room to the piano room. Spook likes watching the hummingbirds from the far right window sill. They take turns guarding the neighborhood from the center window sill. Spot has been teaching himself how to open all the cabinets. And he also has been burrowing under the livingroom rug.

Watched some random college football, somehow thought the UW was playing Notre Dame away. But that was Stanford, UW played later, crushing BYU. BYU's logo is now just a Y, and it looks just like the Yahoo! logo. Made me laugh.

Watched a couple of Twitch streams, a woman whose moniker is ThatChickParker, which I had misread yesterday as ThaiChickParker. She is petite and looks like she could be Thai, but isn't. She went to Seattle today to an indoor skydiving place. 2 hours of prep for about a minute of flying. She was ripped off. But she looks excellent in a jump suit. Yesterday they toured Astoria, which was fun to watch. My first real newspaper job was layout editor/photographer for the Astoria daily paper. I missed their trip up the column. They because she has a full time videographer.

At about 7:30 I got off my butt and did the chicken thing. defrosted in both microwaves 7 drumstick/thigh combos, put three each into separate baking dishes.

First one got enough chicken broth to cover the bottom, then the chicken, and on top and between went garlic cloves, celery, carrots and mushrooms. Then a whole chopped onion. Sprinkled home grown rosemary, basil and oregano, and some freshly ground black pepper. No salt need apply.

Heated the oven to 350° while I covered the bottom of the pan with **mango chunks, about 4 mangoes worth. Three chicken combos on top, then garlic cloves, celery, carrots and mushrooms, and sliced yellow and red bell peppers. Oregano and basil.

Covered both with Al foil, and into the oven for 90 minutes, then uncovered for 10.

Mango chicken. The yellow are bell pepper strips.

Savory chicken.

They came out well. Dinner was one mango chicken serving, with mochi for dessert.

And diet cola.

Somewhere in there I removed the plastic covering from the livingroom sofa, and placed the disruptor where it would discourage pee-ing. It's in the outdoor garbage bin now.

Still to do tonight - at least one episode of My Cat From Hell.

Plans for tomorrow:
If it's raining, stay inside and watch football
Otherwise maybe go to the park & read. Or Pete's
Litterbox refills expected. Amazon says Monday for the modem. I may go to Fry's and get one instead of waiting.


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