January 25th, 2015


Not Missing Missing Conflikt

I'm missing the filkers, but the venue is a horrible choice, with the events in the building across from the actual hotel which mostly houses the garage. This year it will not be so bad having to cross from the hotel to the filk area over an uncovered driveway because the temps are expected to be mild (55°), with no real rain preded, much less snow. But it's still a highly insulated and inconvenient setting. And let's not even talk about the lunch venue, which has been a crap shoot each year sionce they moved to the airport. And that's the only convenience, no need to rent a car and drive to Renton as we did in the first few years. But I didn;t notice that much because my parents were still alive and lived just the other side of the Renton/Seattle border, and I could have taken a bus if I wanted to.

So I hope y'all have fun, and I will probably see most of you at Consonance. I think I bought a membership. They don't have a membership list online, and I don't see a receipt in my not at all organized files, except for one for 2014. Time to send in a check, I guess.

Another day of feeling disconnected, until I had a bowl of popcorn, which helped. Hgl levels were okay. Slight sinus headache when I woke up, took half a DayQuil which helped a little.

Got a call from one of the people at the company I had asked to come out and do an estimate for re-carpeting my porch, saying he could do that at noon or so. Surprise, because where we left it earlier in the week was someone would stop by next week while I was at work and take the measurements and leave an estimate.

Harry is a tall slender redhead in I think his 20s, he measured the porch and steps, checked for dry rot and anything else which might get in the way, pronounced the porch and steps sound, and gave me an estimate for the carpet and for the metal brackets. We'll use something similar to office carpeting instead of the paper-thin crap the previous owner slapped into place for the sale. He said he would call the office to let them know I would be calling to set a date. He figured it would be no sooner than 2 weeks.

Next on the agenda was to set Tivo to record the Senior Bowl, which was being held in some college stadium in Alabama this year. And then I took the bottle of bug spray outside, attached it to the garden hose out front, turned on the water and sprayed all up and down the front of the house, and under the hedges - anywhere there might be bird seed from where I used to have the feeder. The hose popped out of its socket twice, soaking my shoes and pants legs pretty thoroughly. By the time I had gone over the area twice there was still almost a full bottle of liquid, so I am not sure if any insecticide actually got sprayed. The top is fused to the bottle (all plastic) so there was no way to see short of cutting the thing open. For now I'll trust that it worked. I can always cut the thing open next weekend if I'm still seeing a lot of weevils. But for now it's on a shelf in the shed.

Changed shoes & socks and walked over to the office to let them know I would be having work done on the porch. They want to know about any work which can be seen from the outside, and make sure it complies with the fairly broad guidelines. While I was there I had a nice chat with the office manager.

Back to the house, fired up the PC so I could be on the phone and see my calendar at the same time, and called the contractors, but it seems I caught her on her cell phone out shopping. She said she would call back tonight after she had a chance to talk to the workers about their schedule, and tell me a date. I still need to get together with them to see carpet samples. I also need to ask about the senior discount. She did not call back, but that's okay.

Got out the iron and the miniature board, and ironed my pants dry. Took them off first.

Took off for Specialty's, as planned, got their last sticky bun which had almost no sticky on it and not much bun either, and also got a large iced mocha from Peet's which is attached to them.

Sat near the front, best place to people watch. Lots of interesting people to watch, since above the stores is an obscenely expensive apartment complex. $4k a month for a 1 BR. I can't even.

The mocha was horrible. They had not blended it, and by the time I was halfway through, it was all sugar.

Had a hankering for more Tollhouse cookies, so I went next door to Fresh & Easy, got a hand of bananas because they looked really good and still partly green, and only about 60¢/lb. Also picked up 5 small frozen dinners which were on sale $10 for 5, but $2.99 each. And a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough. 

Home, made popcorn and lime soda and watched the football game. It wasn't as bad as most of those all-star bowls, mostly because there were very few stars. most of the stars gave this bowl the finger because it was being held without much publicity, in an out of the way college stadium in Mobile, Alabama with coaches no one has heard of. The first 5 minutes was worth full price, because one of the booth announcers introduced the field level reporter (another ex-player whom no one has ever heard of) as "a bona fide expert - you know all about being on the sidelines". That was pretty cold, and I suspect it cost the announcer any future national broadcast jobs.

Since there were few real stars, the teams mostly played as a team. The North team was ahead 27-10 mid-3rd quarter, which is when the Tivo stopped recording. It was a very long game, the cutoff was at 3 hours. I haven't found a final score, not that it matters. But I can tell you that the Oregon State QB, Sean Mannion, was very impressive, as was a running back with an Arabic name. Ameer Abdullah (Nebraska). Tyler Varga (Yale) made some good runs, and on defense two Washington guys rocked - Hau'oli Kikaha & Danny Shelton. One WTF is Northern Iowa was on the South team, but Iowa was on North.

Did some laundry and baked the cookies during the game. Once again no walnuts in the batter, so I pressed some into each cookie as soon as I took them out of the oven. About half of them stuck.

On my white board for today was to fins an audition song for next week. I put two notebooks of my own songs away, and grabbed three songbooks in exchange. Did not get around to looking through them yet, because another project caught my eye. The Tivo I took down in the livingroom is now set up in the office, using the antenna because the cable feed on that side of the room is not live (but it makes a good antenna feed).

Dinner was a small beef stroganoff and dessert was cookies.

Plans for tomorrow:
Library talk on digital media by someone who may need to be heckled
Coffee with Janice
Home, watch the Pro Bowl on Tivo