February 12th, 2015


Over the Hump

Put the too-bright clock radio back in place last night, because I can get something translucent to put over the display but I can't in-dumb the one with the good display.
And it woke me with the buzzer, not the radio. RTFM. Annoying, but it worked.

Adjusted the meds this morning, removed all the Centrum vitamins, because they have 3x the recommended B6, and added an iron pill because I still think I'm slightly anemic. Also cut my immodium in half because the changed diet has caused some blocked toilet foo at home.

To work at a reasonable time. Finished up a small project before having my breakfast banana and egg, then tried to shoot up but my insulin pen was empty. 

So lunchtime I went home, had a small snack out on the front porch, and was rewarded by two hummingbirds coming to the feeder. Last year I didn't see any till summer.

Back to work, killed time till the SpaceX launch, made some pre- and post- screen captures and a video of the actual launch.

1-on-1 was the shortest on record because I haven't done much worth talking about the last 2 weeks. He gave me one small documentation project to do, and it looks like our oldest machine is getting re-branded, so I'll be checking that out Friday or maybe later if engineering is late. It's a low priority.

After work, looked up on SodaStream where else I could exchange cannisters, and it showed Costco. I went there, they don't, and never have. Home, which turned out to be a mistake because the plan was to go to the Los Altos History Museum for a talk, and had I skipped Costco and gone straight there I would have made it, but not now.

But I made up for it. First project was to take the TV which had been in the livingroom and swap it for the one in the bedroom. Which meant re-programming the bedroom remote, but that only took a few minutes. What took the longest was finding where I had hidden the power cord. In plain sight on a storage tub lid, instead of draped over the TV.

And I did my good deed for the day. A friend on the other side of the bay had her domain hijacked, in place of her home page is a page full of multi-colored Japanese text, all of it nonsense. nslookup shows it was re-registered to someone in Japan via an Australian registry. But the domain is booked through GoDaddy, which is where I have my web hosting, so I went onto my account, launched a tech support chat, explained the situation and they will email her with instructions on how to reclaim her site. It would not surprise me if she had not renewed the domain, and someone grabbed it. But since it is her name, GoDaddy is legally bound to return it to her. I just hope she has a backup, because it is possible the hijacker nuked her files.

Did some laundry. It's in the dryer. Tomorrow I'll deal with it and do another load.

Wasted food. The blue corn chips from the Superbowl party were stale, and the black bean dip was not something I liked, so both of those went into the insinkerator. 

Put two of the "mini bright 100W" Canadian Football League lamps in to replace a the huge 125W soft whites in livingroom and bedroom. It takes them about 5 minutes to get there, but they are quite bright.

I did not get around to setting up the two new floor lamps. One will replace one in the livingroom, and one goes into the bedroom, where the "natural sun" lamp will go back to the computer room.

There is something major I am forgetting.

Plans for tomorrow: