February 13th, 2015


I was going to get to bed before midnight. FAIL

I do not know why I took my time getting to work, but glad I did because there was some gastrointestinal activity which needed doing right about the time I would normally have been halfway through the commute.

Not much news on the RSS feeds, except one item about a "tricorder" being invented, manufactured and tested by kickstarter donors. iOS only at the moment. It caught my eye mostly because my cousin Harvey, who is quite the computer genius, has a patent in which "tricorder" is referenced. We are all sci-fi geeks in the family. Except my older sister.

Took till almost noon to get started on the documentation project Boss gave me.

Lunchtime was manicure time, followed by a couple of small slices of cake from the Danish bakery which is run by a Pacific Islander and a Chinese woman. I thought they had Napoleons there, but no. An Facebook theater friend was craving those, which is what gave me the idea.

After work stopped off at the Chinese market on Lawrence, with two things on my list: Penang curry and ha gow. It took forever to look through the aisle full of curries, pastes, soup bases and sauces to determine that they did not carry any Penang curry. They had every curry paste from my favorite Mae Ploy brand except Masaman, which is a non-curry, and Penang, which is technically Malay. Penang being an island in northwest Malaysia, not too far from Phuket.

I got something called Singapore curry gravy, which looks something like the stuff they serve with roti canai, and peanut sauce for satay. As for Ha Gow, they only had it as 1/4 of a package, so I got a package. They had beautiful bananas, about 4 days from being ripe enough to eat and huge limes for 25¢ each. I bought 6. And I also found a small strainer I have been looking for, it was hidden behind several large strainers on the same peg.

Didn't get home till half past 7.

Watched 2 TMZs, dinner was a few baked pork buns from the Chinese market trip, and mixed veggies.

Listened to the latest Nerdvana podcast, which is done by a bunch of people I know from basfa. I have nowhere near their depth and breadth of and interest in science fiction and comic book knowledge, which made it not very interesting for me.  

Also listened to tonight's Commonwealth Club broadcast, which featured the manager and GM of the SF Giants. I know just enough of baseball and their last season for that to be interesting and educational. Who knew Bochy was born in France? He used to be the Marshawn Lynch of the MLB, but has become very articulate and a great storyteller.

Tonight's projects included prying the Black & Decker cordless screwdriver and its accessories out of their plastic prison and confirming it works. And setting up the floor lamps. I only got one done, for the livingroom, the one which really just needed a lamp shade. Very odd thing, both lamps in the livingroom, the old and the new, have a new CFL bulb in them. The old lamp hums at an annoying frequency, similar to a fridge. It is resonating the whole lamp. I can dampen it some by holding the lamp pole.

I'll do the second lamp (for the bedroom) tomorrow or Saturday.

Delivered today was the book for Iolanthe, the Gilbert & Sullivan musical I will be in the chorus of this June. Still waiting for the CD.

Finally ordered a couple of Dr. Who police box charms, because my cousin's sister-in-law complained that the thing on the charm bracelet I gifted her was a phone booth, not a police box.  The ingrate. ;-)

I need to make a graphic with a pile of boots, captioned "boots on the ground".  Obama's request for war powers infuriates me. He could make it better by returning his unearned, undeserved Nobel Peace Prize.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, though I have nothing to do
Maybe go to the SJ astronomical society meeting. Except it is so far away, deepest darkest south san jose.
Maybe set up the 2nd lamp.
Shop for another clock radio. The one with the too-bright display also has crappy Am reception.