March 11th, 2015


The day after Monday

Someone suggested that DST begin on a Monday,because everyone is dragging anyway. If we could get Obama to say he loves DST, Congresswould immediately railroad legislation outlawing it.

Did some more automation stuff at work. a pm dentist appointment, I told her that I was getting new dentures, so needed to have all my regular dental work done before then. She showed me on the X-ray something she showed me 2 years ago, and wanted to fix, but insurance said no. It seems a root canal was done poorly, some of the root is still in there, like the bottom half of it. She thought for a while and decided that insurance was right, this is not a job for a general dentistry practice, it needs an endodontist, who would act as a consultant, and if he agreed with her assessment, would fix the problem. Insurance companies, she said, would be more likely to allow a specialist to do the work. So I have an appointment Thursday morning. It's in Sunnyvale, but the opposite side from me.

And my doctor's nurse called, he was able to set up an appointment for me for tomorrow to have the BP check done at the clinic nearer to work. And I can do the blood work there as well.

Back at work, was in the middle of goofing off when Boss came by looking for Automation Guy. He had missed the memo that AG had taken the afternoon off. AG has a ton of PTO and he has finally started using it a little at a time. SO Boss punted, and took me to his office for the annual review feedback thing. It was pretty glowing, and the end result was a tiny raise and a bonus which, after taxes, may pay for a lens. I don't think that $$ arrives until May, but we'll see.

In other new$, both my state and IRS refunds reached my bank account, and those went to pay down about 2/3 of a credit card. That and a month of not getting around to forking over some of my salary to pay for buying too many things online and at Fry's. The challenge is to keep enough in the account to cover the rent and the mortgage as they come due. They are half a month apart, and so is my paycheck, so it times out pretty well.

Bad joke de jour: Why are underwater warriors so quiet?  Sub, dude.

Random thought: why does OVFF sound to me like a social disease?

Consonance photos are finally all online here.

I especially like this one of the TM making a hasty exit, which made him late introducing Bill Roper. Blame that Sloan woman. :-)

Here it is from the front:

After work I went straight to the library, once again making the mistake of being half an hour early. The 7 pm talks have not had the doors open before 6:55 yet. People wander in for the next 20 minutes. This time it was about beekeeping, and there were dozens of children. Most of them making a lot of noise. Parents not having the sense or courtesy of removing the ones banging on their chairs, screaming, yelling. And this is how one learns to be prejudiced: every one of the persistently unruly children was ethnically similar to Ghandi. Every. Single. One.

Many childless people left after 15 minutes or so because it was impossible to hear the speaker, who did not have a strong voice or personality, and pretended that everyone was paying attention. The librarian in charge of the session ignored the commotion as well. FAIL.

He had some good slides, though. The photography was awful, but the content was educational. To make up for that I'll post one of my better bumblebee photos

He had brought a portable for-show hive, with live bees, kind of like and ant farm, but it wasn't much to look at, bees not being as active as ants.

Home, pot pie for dinner, 2 episodes of TMZ. Finished processing the con photos and uploaded them and consolidated them on Flickr.

Plans for tomorrow:
BP nurse & phlebotomist
More work