March 19th, 2015


Bucking the Stars

Getting some unnerving messages at work about a new video format I've volunteered to help test. Mixed messages on what to test, and when the software will be in place to test it.

So I spent most of my day building a class on SNMP, and now that I'm home and away from it, realize I put the end of the class first. Maybe. It'll be hands-on, and so far only two people signed up. That'll probably be it. Need to email them to pick a day/time.

Lunch was going to be China Stix, but they are now closing early for lunch, so a few doors down was Kobe Japanese which has small portions to make of the the reasonable prices. DDG interior design, though:

Baskin & Robbins next door. Paid for 2 scoops more than a half gallon costs at a supermarket.

Stuck the bug eye mirrors on the car, but did it wrong, and still can't see the blind spot well. Need to buy another pair, and use some goof-off (I have some) to remove these.

Car saleslady texted thanking me for the calendar, and inviting me to a class she was giving in MV - she does real estate sales as a second job. Not interested, convenient excuse is the class started while I was still at work.

Starbucks after work, but first a walk down the other side of the parking lot to OSH, bought a can of California Poppy seeds, and a bag of pre-mixed potting soil with hummingbird/butterfly friendly flower seeds. Not sure yet which will go where. The second one will probably go in the now-empty spot by the mailbox. Maybe the poppies can scatter in front of the hedge out front. Lots of sun.

They had remodeled since I had last been there, and it is now a lot nicer seating, but it isn't nearly as crowded as before because they removed the AC outlets from under the tables, and only have them along the walls. That severely limits people from spending the day on their laptops.

Lots of beautiful women there today. :-) 

The new Netgear modem/router has a bug - it won't let me use the same IP address scheme I've been using for years on a series of other rmodems. However it is allowing me to use an invalid address instead. I've been working with their tech support, which gave me all the right suggestions, which I of course had already tried. So now they get to actually try it, and file a bug, and tell me when it is fixed. The only thing it screws is my web cams, which have to use a fixed address, and to change them I have to pull them off the wall, plug them directly into the router, and re-assign addresses. Unless the widget app can find them even with the wrong network address.

Dinner was a smoked turkey leg and some mixed veggies, followed by a piece of pecan pie.

Plans for tomorrow: