May 2nd, 2015


Why do I continue to sit at the computer when I am dead tired?

Because OCD requires journaling.

So, on impulse this afternoon I bought enough binder sleeves to hold 300 business cards. Because I have a collection of them, bound in various sized bundles by rubber bands, which takes up a lot of space in the file folder. I just finished filling about 298 of those slots, and still have two more bundles of cards. I may or may not buy another couple of 100-card packages tomorrow.

What I was really in Office Max for was printable index tabs for the script. Which I did get. But that's a project which requires planning and typing and printing and as I said, I'm tired.

Work today was mostly housekeeping. Passing test cases which had been failed, and the bug filed was verified as fixed. And so one. Weekly report. Chatting with Automation Guy about giving a class in the time slot he has reserved for a team meeting, which has not been held in months because working is more productive than meeting.

Lunchtime it was Great Clips, got a haircut, went next door hoping to also get a manicure, but they were full up. Office Max is next to that. Also got some shipping tape, which has been on my "running low" list for a while now.

Furniture store after work, they have been going out of business for at least 6 months now with "up to 70% off" signs not just on the windows, but also on those arrow-shaped signs which obnoxious meth heads dance with on the corner. I was hoping for a deal on a sofabed, or a night stand. Big discount price signs on the items. First one I see if a night table which looks like i's worth maybe $50, but the sign says $345 marked down from $659. $500 recliner marked down to $1250 from $3,2xxsomething. I walked right back out.

And got stuck in traffic. Impossible to get into the left turn lane and head for 101, so I parked at Starbucks (took 5 minutes to go that half block) and was rewarded with a half-empty place, but some eye candy. College women's soccer team, was among those. One or two might even have been legal. And saw a very interesting old school meet modern transaction. A middle aged couple, she in a full black chadoor, he in traditional Middle Eastern robes and skull cap,  sit at a table furthest from the registers. Young woman in tight jeans and a T-shirt sits with them for a moment, goes to the registers, returns with a cup of coffee for the man. Then she goes out to her car and brings back a small gift wrapped box and gives it to the woman, and says happy mother's day. I'm guessing that strictly speaking, coffee is not supposed to be part of their diet, but it's okay if your modernistic daughter gives it to you.

After traffic let up, I headed to Costco for gas, and the line I was in just was not moving. 20 minutes later, when I got to the pumps I saw why. New pumps, and they are defective. The auto shut-off is on a hair trigger, and the nozzle had to be jiggled around. It took much longer to pump than it should have.

Home, Spook followed me by jumping from window to window as I took down the empty hummingbird feeder, refilled it, and put i t back up. And then I walked around the porch, taking a census of the hooks for hanging plants which the previous owner had left behind. They are painted the color of the house, I didn't even notice them till recently.

Dinner was a small frozen thing of Thai coconut chicken.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nursery: get some hanging plants for those hooks. I think two of them are shaded enough for fuchsias. Maybe 3. Two need something which can survive full afternoon sun.
Print labels and put tabs on the Iolanthe script
Stop in at Lowe's and ask about having the two frosted windows replaced.
Maybe meet Janice for coffee (or Sunday)


Went to sleep with Spook taking up most of the foot of the bed. Woke up a couple of times, she was still there, but she had gone elsewhere by the time I woke for real.

Too early. Forgot to turn the weekday alarm off. Still have not found the ideal alarm clock radio, let alone one which includes a CD. Thought I had one with the Sony Dream Machine, but it has a dial-type tuner so it can't wake to station other than the one you went to sleep with. And no presets. Am currently using a $10 unit with horrible audio, but easy to use presets and alarms.

Early start, unloaded the dryer, went to Lowe's looking for fuchsias and other hanging plants, but all I bought was a HUGE petunia basket. Had to snip the mother's day sticker off. Also bought some river rocks and a large under-pot pan.

Summerwinds, went to the old location which is a straight shot up Wolfe from home, but they moved to a place close to work. :-(

Spent $100 on stuff. a huge fuchsia basket, a full sun colorful flowers basket, three delphiniams which I shoved it a hanging pot and an orange begonia basket.

Home, hung all those around the porch. Hung out, watching the hummingbirds at the feeder, and eventually the biggest one discovered the fuchsia.

Spook is confused by all the birds. Until this week it was just three hummers. Now we have mourning doves, northern mockingbirds and crows. Plus some songbirds I have not identified, chickadees, and some kind of jay-like bird. Watched two mockingbirds chase a crow all the way down the block - they must have a nest somewhere nearby.

Had lunch on the porch, then went to meet Janice for coffee and a chat. She is back on, and confesses she is an addict.

Home, watched too much of the NFL draft on Tivo. For these final rounds, the format went all to hell, and I couldn't tell when someone was drafted vs. when they were showing video of one of Mel Kifer's suggested prospects. So I deleted it. I'll look online instead at who the teams picked.

Watched TMZ's post-Jenner episode. He annoys the heck out of me.

Watched the latest Shark Tank. They missed the boat by not investing in the paleo snack. All the woman needed was a business manager. Many companies I have worked for had business managers appointed by the investor(s). Two actually hired a CEO whose job was to sell the company to a bigger company. One was sold to Microsoft, the other did not get a buyer and went under.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make index tab inserts for the Iolanthe script and apply them
Goodwill - drop off some stuff and look for a futon or sofabed
City dump - ask about dumping the two automatic litterboxes nobody seems to want to take off my hands (none of the donation places will accept pet stuff)
Maybe get more mulch while I'm there
I wonder if one of my local FB friends would like a free TV. I have an HD 40" Polaroid flatscreen I no longer need.