May 31st, 2015


I Thought I Would Run Out Of Time

But far from it.

Got everything done as planned today, despite waking up with an optical migraine which later turned into a head-splitting one.

Stacked by the front door all the cardboard from the boxes the futon frame and mattress came in, after removing the Styrofoam® and non-paper liner sheets. Put the rent check and the RMA bag on the front seat, pushed down the back seats and backed the car up to the front steps. Moved the cardboard a piece at a time outside, while using the sliding screen door to keep Spook from escaping. Loaded the cardboard into the hatchback.

- Drove to the community center and dropped off the rent check. Pisses me off they won't convert to electronic payments
- Took the mylar bag with the jacket which had a defective/way cheap zipper, slapped on the return postage label and put it into the chute at the Post Office
- Drove to the city dump/recycling center and recycled the cardboard (in other words, took it out of the car and tossed it into one of the clearly labeled dumpsters)
- Put the back seats and the bar which holds the hatchback shade back in place
- Drove to the car wash. Had to remember to toss the keys into the car.**
- Took the long drive to south San Jose to the recommended place for SNS nails. The nice lady was able to work on me almost right away, removed the bad shellac job from the previous place by soaking little pieces of cotton balls in nail polish remover, and wrapping the fingertip in foil with the cotton against the nail. Then used a metal scraper to gently push the gunk off the nails. Next came the SNS process, which involved painting a layer of liquid on the nails, and pushing the nail into a small jar of powder. The powder is brushed even with an artist's brush. This was repeated with a sealer coat, and then a top coat which was not dipped in powder. It feels stronger than the shellac, almost as strong as acrylic. She paid special attention to the damaged fingernail. No UV curing.

This place is in a new Chinese-centric shopping center, which I walked around in search of food. Found a bakery called 85°C, where you grab a tray, and a paper liner, and a pair of tongs, and go around the bins of baked goods and take what you want. Line up for a cashier, who has to have memorized all 120 items because there are no labels on the baked goods, and get checked out. The was no place to sit so I didn't get a drink (they have lots of teas and slushies) and got it to go. Down the way was a baskin & robbins, so I had some ice cream to tide me over (it was after 2 pm and I had not eaten yet today).

Home, took two migraine Tylenols and went to bed. Dropped into deep sleep for 15 minutes at a time, finally woke at 4:40, Spook was lying on the bed along my calf, looking at me. Close enough to pet.

Got dressed, went out onto the porch with some soda and the bag of baked goods and had a nice late lunch.

The Bees' Friend plants have started flowering, and there were insects which looked like small bees, but I think they are something else, around the flowers.
Just the flower, no insects in this pic

Back inside, set up the laptop and updated Norton, Windows and iTunes.

Watched some program on TV called In An Instant, which really knows how to draw out a 5-minute news story into a full hour. A man trapped in a corn silo, one would think in Iowa the emergency services would have the training and equipment to handle this, but it was a clusterfuck. Except the program made it sound like everyone worked hard to make a miracle happen.

Dinner was reheated stuffed grape leaves, which were not very good. In the can for too long, though they had several months left in the use-by date. Jimmy Dean turkey breakfast sausages (breakfast for humans, made from turkeys) were not much better. The frozen mixed veggies heated up good, though.

Somewhere in there I went back out onto the porch and tried to memorize some more of Iolanthe. "Whigs and Tories dim their glories" blah blah blah. :-(

**A couple of things about the Prius:
It is silent at stop lights, so the cars next to you seem loud
With the windows closed, it is very quiet inside. With the windows open, the car's shape amplifies sound from the outside
The car cannot be driven away without the key. The key stays in your pocket. But I still want to get an alarm for break-in prevention

Sewed the pocket on one of my cobalt blue shirts, the second one to have unthreaded on me. Spook was very interested in this process and jumped onto the recliner arm and walked halfway onto the TV tray while I was doing this, but she jumped right off when I tried to corral her onto my lap.

Plans for tomorrow (not necessarily in order):
Glue in my teeth
Put the baritone and music stand in the car
Get dressed in my band uniform
Band concert at 1:30, try to get there an hour early to grab my favorite parking space
Starbucks, read until 5, when Janice will join me. I have her old remote fixed.
Home, go over the Iolanthe songs

Be Right Back - Need Hydration

Okay, back, with diet orange soda.

Very simple day today. Forced myself to stay in bed till 10. Concert day today, so I glued in my teeth, got dressed in the band uniform (black pants, white polo shirt with the band's logo, white baseball cap with the band's logo). Loaded the car with the baritone, music stand, Janice's repaired remote control, the track jacket I bought in London (because it was looking like nasty weather) and killed time until noon, when I drove to the venue. Someone already had my parking spot, so I took the one behind it. More than an hour before downbeat, everything was already set up. Tried to read from the Nexus Kindle app, but the eye candy in the park was too distracting. It's a huge park, and there were maybe two dozen families, plus assorted bicyclists and a wedding reception on the other side of the "garden house" which is the big community center where we rehearse.

It was very chilly, but for a change there was not much of a breeze. No problems keeping the music from flying away.

1:30 downbeat, and I couldn't make all the sounds come out of the horn. Something wrong with one of the tubes, plus the cold mouthpiece. Spit valve was not closing all the way. Fixed that by about the 3rd piece.

It was a good concert, I hit more of the high notes than usual (the cold had a lot to do with that) and the crowd was pretty big for a first concert. Especially for it being not the holiday weekend.

We played all the military songs, anyway.

One of the big things this year with the conductor is getting us to play the right loudness/softness. As a general rule, the trio is pp in almost every march. Strange but true, that's also how it is marked in the music. Getting the right dynamics has vastly improved the quality of the music.

Surprised not to see Janice there, even though we had a coffee date for after, I thought she was bringing Tammy's kids. Also surprised to see Abby there, because she thought it was last week, when she had the day off. She works for TheatreWorks, usually has to be there for matinées. Turns out she got the date wrong for a wedding, and decided to take in the concert.

Coffee was on the way home, I had not eaten yet, so I stopped in at Armadillo Willy and ate about 1/3 of what they put on the tray, took the rest home. It became dinner.

The usual chat with Janice, it was still windy and chilly, but at least the sun was out. Her big news is tomorrow she heads for Texas to be a Red Cross volunteer. She has done floods a couple of times before. The local office gave her one piece of advice - don't talk politics. :-)

Home, put the horn & stand in the shed - there they will stay till July, since June will be all about Io. Took out the garbage & recycleds, watched Dateline (?) Sunday Mysteries smear a guy who was convicted of murdering his wife, based on the thinnest of circumstantial evidence. Defense lawyer was rightfully angry that the jury went with emotions instead of facts. He's right. The "reporter" played it for all the innuendo he could muster. Even the prosecutor wasn't sure about the case.

Plans for tomorrow:
Iolanthe rehearsals. Scheduled for 7 pm, but I need to go home after work to bring the garbage cans in, so I'll probably get there at 7:30. They never start on time.