June 12th, 2015


Snoozer, mostly

Another night of Spook on the bed, until about 6. I think I've been sleeping better lately, because I'm not falling asleep at work. OTOH, work has gotten more interesting, what with lots of video to monitor.

Lunchtime there was insulin to pick up at Kaiser. It was bagel day, and I had a bagel and a muffin, so was not looking for a full meal. Tried Starbucks across from the hospital, but it was mobbed. It is way too small for the traffic, and I don't understand why they didn't lease the vacant place next door when Pizza n Pipes moved out. That space is now an iffy Chinese place. As in the lunch specials on the board were in Chinese. Which is kind of a dig at the locals, because the main place in that shopping center is a Korean supermarket.

Wandering around in the 92° 90% humidity, I found a new Korean WTF bakery like the one near the nail salon. Grab a tray, take tongs, and put the goodies on the tray. Bring that to the back, have it rung up along with what you want to drink, and then they bag it like you're taking it to go but you're not. Or else they didn't hear me when I said I was eating in. Had a ham & cheese croissant and an apple strudel. And iced tea.

Kaiser, almost no line for the pharmacy. Got my insulin and syringes, and a couple of boxes of alcohol wipes. $35. In WA they would be free, all diabetic supplies are.

Back to work, the promised new build was later than boss' boss predicted, but not late.

Home, put the aircon down to 74. Relaxed. Watched mindless TV. Spook sat just out of reach, or in another room. When I got up and walked around, she clawed my leg. She does that a lot. Gets my jeans, sometimes gets caught.

Posted a lot on FB. There were a lot of things on the RSS feeds I read at work, worth sharing.

Checked my Comcast account, which was supposed to have changed to a less expensive package, but I don't see anything different. :-(

Message from my doctor saying that she saw I'd picked up insulin, and I was supposed to have had a fasting blood test a month ago. Looked at my calendar, and it was actually due yesterday.

I am still on the Iolanthe email list. It is so funny to see the squee coming from the director. She is so thrilled to see her puppets come to life. And most of the notes are aimed at the men's chorus. I thought about going to see it, but not at $30 a pop.

Plans for tomorrow:
Don't eat anything
Get the tripod and the 24-70mm lens out and get some shots of the big bee-like things which have been feeding on the Bees Friend flowers. I posted a video on FB, and a friend who know these things says it looks like a Carpenter Bee. Never heard of those. But looked them up, and she's probably right. As big as the biggest bumble bee, but all black. And not very furry.
Kaiser, give up some blood
1 pm nails appointment. Wear sandals, maybe try a pedicure. Me feet are very religious, I will have to warn them not to touch the bottoms. Soles, I think they are called.
Nursery, find some full sun hanging plants to replace the ones which have dried up. I thought there was enough non-sun time where the fuchsia was hung, but I was wrong. $30 burned to a crisp.
Maybe see a show. Urinetown. The show as a whole got a so-so review, but a friend who is in it got raves.