June 28th, 2015


Lots Of Waiting

Started this morning by trimming my beard to a goatee. The sides were starting to look like a ragged cloud, and don't trim down to stubble very well. I started my bearded life with a goatee, so it looks natural to me.

This was after a rude 6 am low blood sugar event (60), which was treated with two glasses of chocolate milk. Sleep all night was fitful. Spook was there for most of it.

Spent the morning filling out and printing the Advance Health Care Directive, which took extra time because the pages are numbered incorrectly (page 1 is the page on the other side of the cover. Should be page 2.) And they throw in pages 10-11 as instructions which belong after the Notary page, which is 12.

By the time I got to the nearest notary, they were closed. Used to be they were closed on weekends, but they announced Saturday openings recently, I missed the part about closing at 1:30. So I went to the UPS store on El Camino, because the nearest one is across from Levi's Stadium which is hosting the Grateful Dead final concerts this weekend.

UPS store was one I used to have a PO box in, and I've used them before. Nice folks.

All they needed to do was log it, check my ID, have me sign and thumb print the log and stamp the Notary page. They do not keep a copy.

AFter, I was feeling hungry, and KFC was nearby so I stopped in, intending to eat a small meal there but instead I bought a bucket dinner to take home. They were out of biscuits. FAIL. They gave me a choice of corn on the cob or cookies instead. I chose cookies.

Home, I scanned in that page, and emailed it and the PDF of the filled out original 12 pages to my US sisters.

It was too hot and bright outside to sit on the porch, even the hummingbirds were hiding. But I did see a pair of carpenter bees as I was doing the Saturday hanging plant watering, and got some good photos:

They are about the same size as bumble bees, maybe a tad bigger.

Had some of the KFC for dinner. I love the cole slaw. The extra crispy is now way too battered, and the original isn't battered enough, which means it really is not the original.

Watched some TMZ, and some random TV, but eventually turned off the set and napped in the recliner. Because I didn't feel like getting undressed and in bed, partly because Spook was taking up my spot.

Next thing on the agenda wasn't until 6, head for downtown San Jose for Iolanthe. Due to the Dead concert Hwy 101 exits being between home and SJ, I took the scenic route, had Central Expressway all to myself. Found a good spot in the parking garage, and had an hour to kill. Walked up to the Paseo, somehow resisted the bakery, and sat on a park bench reading a Kindle book. A pair of woodpeckers, one male with a bright red crown and the other female B&W were taking turns at a water fountain, I got some photos with the phone, wish I'd had the 300mm Nikon lens. I'll look at those online tomorrow. Probably not good enough to share.

I had the best balcony seat in the house, front row center. No one on my left, skinny people on my right. The two on my right traded seats at halftime.

Long story short, I saw pretty much what I expected. A lot of gorgeous voices, too much stupid choreography, the women's chorus was superb all around, even down to some complicated makeup. Then men were disappointing. Especially when they were moving. Afterward I got lots of hugs from the ingenue, whom I adore. Stunning soprano voice, professional acting skills, and just plain fun. Most of the cast was happy to see me, if the director was there she didn't make herself known. The choreographer was not listed in the program, which I was of two minds about. 

Home in half an hour.

Got one copy of the Plan into an envelope to mail to Kaiser. Another copy printed, to go on the fridge or someplace else easy to find. Maybe the whiteboard.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe a movie
Maybe Starbucks
Take out the garbage

Very Weird Day

Once again woke up in the middle of the night with a low blood sugar episode. One Klondike bar while watching CNN's 7 am EDT report did the trick so well that when my head hit the pillow again I was unconscious until 10:15 am. Without waking up I hit the off button on the radio when the alarm went off at 7:30. May have had something to do with setting my sleep number from 55 to 45 when my sciatica started hurting.

Spook stayed on the bed very close to me, until I rolled over in her direction. When I woke up she was back closer to me.

Felt out of it for most of the day. It's good that I decided not to do band this month because there was a concert at 1:30. The place where the new teeth bit my lip is still healing, so that's another reason to not play.

While I was asleep Amazon delivered a pair of Campho-Phenique bottles which I ordered yesterday. Sunday delivery is kind of annoying. But that's the stuff I've been using on my lip. There isn't much out there which is ingestible and heals. The lip balms have wax, and don't do well on the inside of the lip. Clove oil is a great anesthetic but I think it aggravates is abrasive instead of healing.

My American flag keeps wrapping itself around the pole despite having rotating guides which are supposed to prevent this. Went outside with the step ladder and screwdriver and moved the bottom guide farther down the pole to give it less slack. Too much, back on the ladder and another half inch back up the pole, and now it's working as designed.

KFC for lunch.

Great Clips for a haircut. Mine don't take very long.

Next door to Safeway, took my laptop, got an iced mocha and sat in the Starbucks section, but the wi-fi was very weak, so I left as soon as the mocha was done. Also disappointing is my view of incoming eye candy was blocked by 5-foot-high rows of soft drink cases. I did get some nice sightings of the woman who ditched a promising super-model career to become Safeway's queen of the self checkout aisle. She was wearing bling-infested skinny jeans and a cowgirl shirt. Not her usual attire.

Next, another short walk to Petco for cat nail clippers and a box of calm-down treats, which maybe will relax her enough to not remove parts of my anatomy when I try to clip her nails. She lets me examine her nails a little bit, but I'm not sure how she will react to being attacked with clippers. Also got her a Bolt laser toy.

Home, turned up the aircon, watched CNN and MSNBC for an hour as they wasted time reporting the 20 words which were new about the escaped prisoner who was shot and captured this morning. They all used the same mug shot, over and over. And it was so hilarious listening to the spokesmodels going all panic-stricken at the fact that he had been a mere two miles from the Canadian border, completely forgetting that the other escapee was killed by Canadian border cops. Stupid man should have headed for Mexico.

It had been a hot day, and when the sun started to set the wind came up and the temps went down, so I watered all the gardens thoroughly. Lee has invaded my rose garden space with some small colorful flowers, I think some kind of verbena, after her hubby trimmed the juniper way back (I had trimmed it enough to clear the roses). I gave her the okay, but I'm a little pissed at myself for doing that because I really wanted to plant more catmints and another rose there.

Was going to not take out garbage today because there wasn't as lot to take out, but then I remembered I'll be gone next Sunday so I'd better do it today.

Ran a load in the dishwasher.

Made some more caramel walnuts, this time only a double recipe, 2 Tbsp butter and 1/2 cup sugar. Almost panicked when the mess stayed as sugar crystals for a long time, but it just needed a tiny bit more heat, and careful swirling. Probably 5 minutes later there was smooth caramel with an undercoating of butter. Tossed in the cup of walnuts, and mixed it up. Probably could have used another half cup. Poured out onto the parchment paper it looks like a really bad case of the runs, but it tastes great.

Still need to take shirts out of the dryer and hang them up.

Overstock.com seems to have lost my futon mattress for the second time. :-(

Need to contact the musical themed suspender company and find out where the second design is.

The C-5A was again buzzing the neighborhood. I got some photos, but mostly out of focus.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably no BASFA. There will be a lot of Pride talk, and I've had my fill of gay news for a while. I'll be really really happy when gay news is as ho-hum as interracial news. Which reminds me of something which happened to me in college.

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