July 11th, 2015



Finally caught up on my sleep, after too many late nights and insulin reactions. The horrible thing about Eating Right® is it calls for a dramatic decrease in insulin dosages, and it's hard to judge how much.

I've stopped packing a full lunch box of snacks for work, and am on the banana + hard boiled egg breakfast, and the only snacks are half a cup of peanut butter with some sugar free jam, four sticks of string cheese and a cup of mixed nuts. Dinner is now down to a small frozen dinner and some fruit. But sometimes that's not enough to counter the insulin, and when that happens I wake up at 3 am or so with horribly low Hgl, and self-medicate with a Klondike Bar. Much better than glucose tablets because the fat in the ice cream buffers the effect of the sugars.

Woke up a lot between 6 and 10:30, when I finally turned on the lights and did some reading. Showered & dressed by noon.

But was feeling tired all day, lazy, somewhat depressed and bored. I did manage to do stuff. Played the piano for a bit. Went to Specialty's with the laptop and the last line of a filk in my head, expecting to knock out the rest of it quickly, but the rhymes did not come. It should not have been such a challenge, all I needed to do was make short rhymes about non-Doctor-Who characters/situations. I had the whole universe of sci-fi/fantasy to pull from. To add to the challenge I did not want to refer to the same story arc more than once.

I got about 1/3 of the way through before the gaggle of Japanese housewives behind me got too loud. And I think I may have scared the mom of the little girl across the way whom I was looking through for far too much of the time.

So, home.

Watered the indoor and hanging plants. Tomorrow the outdoor hanging plants except for the fuchsia will be in the trash, they fried while I was away, despite being in planters with reservoirs in the bottoms. Clipped a lot of dead buds off the rose bushes. Chopped down several Bee's Friend plants which have gone to seed, revealing new ones popping up from those seeds.

Hard boiled a dozen eggs, did three loads of laundry, started the dishwasher. Dinner was over-easy eggs with thyme, dill and ground pepper on muenster cheese-covered sourdough bread. Yum!

Topped off the litterbox litter.

Watered all the gardens, and chatted with the nurse of the next door 101-year-old neighbor, who had sent her out for Burger King..

Spent way too much time on Facebook, but am pretty much caught up, and have pegged my limit of the new "view first" friends' feature.

Watched about 10 minutes of Atlantis on BBC before the stupidity of the writing, and the horrible license they have taken with the mythology overrode my adoration for the videography, lighting and set decoration. And the costumer phoned it in for the main characters.

Turned to the Giants game, just in time to see the relief pitcher chase the ball and run it over to first base because whoever was supposed to be playing first was out in right field somewhere. Saw the same thing the other day too. Pretty disgusting when even I can see the team is not getting the basics right. The pitcher is supposed to cover first while the first baseman catches the infield hit and whips it to the pitcher for the out. One of the few times baseball is almost not boring.

Plans for tomorrow:
Orchard and maybe Home depot ISO a way to put the spirit house out in the front. It has been sitting on the kitchen table. Needs to sit on a post.
Maybe try to take some photos.
Coffee w/Janice