July 12th, 2015


Back on the circadian rhythm cycle

Slept well, as did Spook. She seems to have forgiven me for clipping her claws, but still dodges when I move to pick her up.

Up by 9, had an actual breakfast of banana and herring. Enjoyed some time on the porch before grabbing the camera with GPS attachment and 28-300mm lens, and then off to Ardenwood Farm. Made some wrong turns, but got there thanks to Bing, which the Prius can use for navigation when the built-in POI finder fails.

Lovely sunny clear day, way too many people with strollers. Took the train for the first time ever, amazed that people insisted on wedging their strollers on, and then held the kid on their laps. Idjits.

The visit was a test to see if I could learn to take pictures right-eyed. It took some concentration, and there was only one series which had to be deleted because I didn't see that I was shooting the wires of a fence instead of the sheep behind it.

Lots of groups of picnickers got in the way of good photos of the mansion. I was amazed at how many peacocks and peahens there were, freely roaming the grounds. No bunnies or chicks were in the pens, and the horse was out of bounds along with most of the cows.

Back home by way of the huge Home Depot in East PA, where an hour of searching found garden stakes and a mini sledge hammer. After parking the camera, I took the spirit house outside, pounded in 6 stakes, glued the tops and pressed the spirit house on them. I wasn't sure there was enough surface area on the stakes to secure the little house, but it feels solid now.

Then off to San Antonio shopping center Starbucks, where I was 10 minutes late meeting Janice because I got stuck behind a red light which would not change because the bozo behind me would not move up onto the sensor, and then I hit every red light on the way after that, many of them 3+ minutes long. Grrr.

Janice is just back from a convention in Quebec, so she had a lot to talk about. As did I.

Home, took out the garbage & lots of recycle stuff - Sunnyvale just added food-soiled containers to its okay to recycle list so the KFC bucket was in there instead of the trash.

Cut down some more of the Bee's Friend plants, but that was the extent of gardening.

Dinner was lobster cakes, which did not taste at all lobstery, and the "special dip" which was provided was also without any discernible flavor.  I also heated up some mixed veggies, and topped them off with some maple butter Janice gave me from her trip. That was yummy. And drank some more home made ginger ale. Dessert was halved strawberries drizzled with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sunnyvale photo meetup with dues & prints for their contest.