July 16th, 2015


Milestone passed successfully

At work today at my usual time, thanks to very light traffic.

I wasn't seeing the bug on my machine I saw yesterday, but two team-mates reproduced it, and engineering found what I expected - when they fixed a different bug, they broke something. Happens all the time, but usually not as dramatically.

Sizzler for lunch. I love the wings they have as part of the salad buffet.

3:30, hooked up my work laptop in the conference room, made some last-minute improvements to my slide presentation and at 4 the whole team, minus one person on vacation, and including Boss, were there. The class went very well, and we wrapped up just before time was up. Got a big round of applause after. :-)

I have one more class in the can, probably will schedule it for 2 or 3 weeks from now.

Engineering made a build for us early, but it was DOA, so I had to wait till after 6:30 for the working one, which meant there was no time to go home and get my horn and make it to band rehearsals anywhere near on time, so I went to Costco instead, and managed to get everything on my list, plus lox slices for dinner.

Home, put stuff away, then cut up a honeydew melon and bagged it for the fridge. Ate a few slices for dessert, but it needs more ripening time. So for real dessert I cut up some strawberries and poured some blueberries in. Could have used chocolate, but didn't. Resisted the temptation to make caramel walnuts.

It used to be a world wide network covering just about anything newsworthy anywhere on the planet. Citizen reporters and local TV reporters would Skype in low quality video with high quality news. But now they just report what's convenient, and analyze it to death. And instead of expanding the news coverage, now they cop out and waste hours of air time on faux documentaries kludged together from old file footage, with little or no current content. This week it's The Seventies. Gag me.

And MSNBC is no better. Every time I tune in they seem to be showing People In Prison faux documentaries.

Plans for tomorrow: