July 17th, 2015


Ho Hum, without any Ho

Skipped the shower this morning because I didn't do anything sweat-worthy yesterday and was not going to be in any meetings or groups, and Rot Guard would be sufficient.

Spook was with me most of the night and morning, taking up the corner of the bed I don't. She was pretty vocal after I got up, for no reason I could tell.

Packed two bananas and two eggs for at-work breakfast, forgetting it was bagel day.

Not much work to report, just a small anomaly which was most likely caused by network foo. Somehow Naked And Afraid was having a marathon, capped with a retrospective montage. That is one very annoying show, the strategically placed non-clothing items are very frustrating, especially in the latter episodes where they found actually attractive participants. I switched that stream over to Animal Planet. ESPN was unreliable at the source, so CNN took its place. The video quality was good but the content sucked, even more than usual as they went into full metal jacket speculation on the Arab who shot up the marines, despite having zero information from anything remotely approaching an official source.

It's pretty clear to me he was a case of deep cover terrorist, and a total FAIL on the part of the NSA, CIA and all the other A's. And once again, the police response is shoot to kill, when what we really need is shoot to disable. Screenwriting 101: always have your villain remind the hero that if the villain dies, the secret hiding place of his planetary nuke dies with him, along with the code to disarm it.

Meet Joe Black was on again, back to back. Black to Black. Even with the sound off, it is clear that Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt are fine actors. Despite that, I hate that this film was made. I much prefer Here Comes Mr. Jordan and its modernized remake Heaven Can Wait for the anthropomorphizing of Death. I don't think I've ever seen the original Death Takes a Holiday, which was the movie Joe Black actually ripped off. Curious that the initials JB are the title of an award-winning book and play about Job, which is all about Death.

Lunch was at Denny's. Original Grand Slam is still my favorite, despite all the myriad variations.

Straight home. Took a nap, watched the hummers on the porch. They like the red in the feeder better than the clear.
Went online to Home Despot to order roller drapes, but they wanted >$500 the pair. :-(
And so does everyone else for the very slightly fancier ones. Which is what I have in the libingroom already, but they are half an inch too narrow, and keep falling out of the mounts. If it wasn't so tedious, I would put the Thai silk curtain up there. I'm also not sure it's wide enough. Or Spook-proof enough.

Plans for tomorrow:
No real plans
Pull out the no-longer-flowering Bees' Friend and poppy plants
Get some topsoil from Lowe's
Put down a layer of that and re-seed that area